Election Signs on Public Property

In order to protect public safety and public amenities, yet allow candidates in the federal election campaign to make use of public space for election purposes, the City of Victoria requests that campaigns observe the following requirements regarding the placement of campaign signs. 

Please note that signs may not be located:

  • Within the perimeter of public parks, including playing fields, due to safety concerns, the obstruction of regular park uses, and potential damage to underground sprinkler systems, trees, shrubs and annual plantings
  • On grassed medians or boulevards, where the City has installed underground sprinkler systems or trees, shrubs and annual plantings

Click here [PDF - 144 KB] for a list of public parks, playing fields and boulevards where campaign signs are not to be placed. City crews will not impound signs located in these areas until the applicable campaign office is requested to relocate the sign within 24 hours. If there is an immediate safety concern, however, or damage to City property, we will take the signs down and then contact the campaign office to retrieve and relocate them.

Election signs may not be placed along public streets and on boulevards in such a manner as to impair visibility of traffic control devices or sightlines to pedestrians and vehicles. Signs attached to traffic and pedestrian control devices (e.g., stop lights, stop signs, yield signs, etc.) are prohibited and will be impounded without notice.

Thank you for your cooperation during this election campaign period.