City Budget

Keeping taxes affordable is important to the well-being of our businesses and households.

Like any business or household, the needs and wants within a municipality are often greater than what the municipality and community can afford at one time. Each year as part of the budget process, choices must be made. Our budget looks to balance competing priorities and challenges with the ability to provide high quality services for all our customers.

2017 Financial Plan

Council has given approval to the 2017 Financial Plan.

As presented in the financial plan, the 2017 operating budget totals $224.5 million and the capital budget totals $51 million. Combined with utility fees, the overall costs to homeowners would result in a 2.91% increase from 2016 and 2.98% increase for businesses.

On November 24 Council received the Victoria Police Department's budget request which was $277,000 higher than previously included in the draft Financial Plan. Including this additional expenditure request, the total budget is $224.8 million and if a tax increase is approved as the funding source for the increased request from VicPD, the overall increase including utilities would be 3.1% for homeowners and 3.18% for a typical business.

Read the 2017 VicPD Provisional Budget [PDF - 771 KB]

Learn More:

Read the full Financial Plan [PDF - 25.4 MB] or peruse the Budget at a Glance [PDF - 5.6 MB].

Watch the archived video of the Budget Town Hall  held on December 1.

Budget Highlights:

  • Provides $250,000 in funding for the City’s Affordable Housing Reserve
  • Support for arts and culture with over $1.4 million including public art, festivals, special events, Butler Book Prize, Artist in Resident and Poet Laureate program
  • Invests approximately $27.5 million in the City’s parks, recreation and facilities, including 137 parks, 72 hectares of parklands, 207 hectares of natural landscape, 40 playgrounds, 23 tennis courts, 12 off-leash areas, 45 sports fields and 100 City facilities
  • Completion of the Parks and Open Space Master Plan
  • Park Improvement Plan for Topaz Park
  • Completion of Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre Feasibility Study to explore future facility and amenity options
  • Crosswalk installations or upgrades at nine locations
  •  Dallas Road Seawall rehabilitation
  • Clover Point shoreline remediation
  • Invests $70.2 million in public safety (police, fire and bylaw)
  • Implement #Biketoria cycling network on Pandora Avenue, Fort Street and Cook Street
  •  Replaces aging pipes and underground infrastructure, including some of the City’s oldest pipes installed in 1891, to ensure clean water and environmental protection for the harbour and City’s natural areas
  • $4.9 million in continued funding for the Greater Victoria Public Library
  • Local area neighbourhood plans – completion of plans for Fairfield, Gonzales and Victoria West. Commencement of plans for Rockland, Fernwood, North Park and the North and South Jubliee neighbourhoods.
  • Completion of the Arts, Culture and Events Master Plan
  • Advancing options for the Fire Department Headquarters
  • Lead local community events and programs for Canada’s 150th celebrations, themes "The Year of Reconciliation"
  • Continued implementation of the Gorge Waterway Management Plan
  • Introduce a new Open Data Portal and refresh the City’s website
  • Funding for parking customer service improvements including credit card "tap and go" functionality in parkades and additional payment options