Current Initiatives

Looking for more information about a current initiative?  These resources will provide background information to help answer any questions you may have. Click here to have your say on current and upcoming projects, and learn more about upcoming events where you can connect with us and provide feedback.

  • Participatory Budgeting: Participatory Budgeting is an approach to city budgeting that is picking up momentum in cities around the gobe. This is a community-led and designed process where residents determine how to allocate a portion of a City budget. The community voting program is starting in mid December!
  • Name That Library!: Thank you to everyone who submitted a name to the Name That Library! campaign by November 19, 2017. The suggested names will be submitted to City Council for consideration. The name of the new library will be announced in December.
  • Short Term Rentals: Victoria is changing the way short term rentals are regulated in the City.
  • Off-Street Parking Review: The City is reviewing the Off-Street Parking regulations for vehicles and bicycles in order to support and encourage development, investment and affordable housing.
  • Proposed Regulations For Singe-Use Checkout Bags: The City of Victoria is considering new regulations to reduce single-use checkout bags. The City is taking action to foster a shift towards reusable checkout bags to keep avoidable waste out of our landfill, local waterways and off our beaches.

  • Pop-Up @ the Square: Grab your binoculars! A pod of life-sized orca replicas has popped-up in Centennial Square! 
  • Create Victoria Draft Plan: Thank you to everyone who has shared their ideas in-person and online to shape the draft Create Victoria Arts and Culture Master Plan. Your feedback will inform the draft plan that will be presented to City Council for consideration in December.
  • 3 Things for Canada: Imagine if every Canadian did three things for their neighbourhood, their nation, and their world this year. This would equate to more than 100 million acts of community building. To celebrate Canada’s 150th, Canadians are invited to give a gift of three things — three acts of service, large or small, to help their community. The City of Victoria is joining the 3 Things for Canada initiative to mark Canada’s 150th birthday this year.
  • New Active Transportation Cycling Network: A 30 km network of protected bike lanes is currently being planned for Victoria. The proposed network will be within 400 metres of every school and half of all Victoria residences. Pandora bike lanes are NOW OPEN!
  • Housing Strategy: Victoria is committed to improving housing affordability in the City. The Victoria Housing Strategy contains 26 ambitious actions the City will be taking to do this.
  • Crystal Pool and Wellness Centre Replacement Project: Planning is underway to replace the aging Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre. Join us as we work together to transform it into a place for everyone to have fun and stay healthy and active for generations to come. Through the summer and fall, we will be out in the community sharing information with you about the proposed new facility.

  • Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project: Construction of a new bridge is currently underway in downtown Victoria and expected to be complete by the end of 2017.
  • Neighbourhood Plans: From March 2016 to February 2019, 10 Neighbourhood Plans will be created in collaboration with the community.
    • Gonzales Neighbourhood Plan: The plan was launched in April 2016 in conjunction with the Fairfield plan. The plan is in the final stages of development.
    • Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan: Community conversations on the plan began on April 9, 2016. The draft Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan will be presented to the community for feedback from mid-November to mid-January.
    • Vic West Neighbourhood Plan: Community conversations on the Vic West plan began on May 28, 2016. The plan is in the final stages of development.
  • Growing in the City: You can now grow, harvest, package, store and sell a range of food anywhere in Victoria, while limiting impacts to your neighbours.
  • Ship Point Master Plan: The Ship Point Concept Design was reviewed by the community in August and approved by Council in September. Staff are currently developing a detailed design concept, implementation approach and funding strategy.