Development Cost Charges

What are they?

As the City grows and evolves, new infrastructure and parks are needed to support people and businesses moving into neighbourhoods. Development Cost Charges are charges levied on development to help pay for growth-related infrastructure/parks.

The rate that is charged reflects the impact growth has on infrastructure and parks; the greater the impact, the larger the charge. If a development has no impact, Development Cost Charges are not applied.

Development Cost Charges are prepared following Provincial legislation and best practices developed by the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development. The DCC Bylaw requires review and approval by the Ministry before it can be adopted by City Council.

What do they fund?

The funds are used to increase the capacity of sewer, water and storm mains, add new bike paths and make pedestrian improvements, acquire new park land and upgrade parks and green spaces, and more.

Where are we today?

The last major update to Development Cost Charges was in 2007. The rates are being reviewed now because the City has new information from the Official Community Plan and other infrastructure plans that tells us how the community is growing.

How are they calculated?

Development Cost Charge rates are based on estimated growth and cost estimates for infrastructure and parks needed to support that growth.

What are the proposed rates?

Proposed Development Cost Charge rates are in line with rates in other municipalities in the Region. See rates here [PDF - 202 KB].

What about in-stream applications?

The new DCC rates will be in force immediately after the updated Development Cost Charge Bylaw is adopted. However, the Local Government Act provides special protection from rate increases for development applications that are submitted prior to the adoption date. 

Building permit and subdivision applications received prior to the adoption of the new DCC Bylaw is protected from the rate change.  Protection is also extended to rezoning and development permit applications that are submitted prior to the adoption of the new DCC Bylaw and that will result in a building permit within 12 months of the adoption of the Bylaw.

If an application meets the required criteria and is submitted prior to the adoption of the new DCC Bylaw, it will be provided protection from rate increases for a period of 12 months after the adoption date.


If you have any comments on the proposed rates, please forward them by December 13, 2016 to



Development Cost Charge presentation to stakeholders [PDF - 1.4 MB]

Development Cost Charge proposed rates [PDF - 202 KB]

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