Ship Point Master Plan

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On September 21, 2017, council approved the Ship Point Concept Design. Next engagement session will be held later this fall.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the Ship Point design concept! More than 300 people attended two open houses in late July and 147 survey responses and 8 feedback emails  were received.

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Ship Point Master Plan Survey Report
Ship Point Master Plan Open House Feedback
Ship Point Master Plan Email Feedback

Next Steps

This feedback will be used to refine the design concept, which will be presented to Council in September. Staff will then develop the detailed design concept, implementation approach, and funding strategy.

A draft design concept for Ship Point has been developed to advance the ideas and concepts from the Harbour Vitality Principles (2014).  The design concept will be the foundation for the Ship Point Master Plan that will include a more detailed design and implementation strategy.  Once complete, the Ship Point Master Plan will be used to guide the redevelopment of Ship Point as a high quality waterfront space, signature events and festival site and as an important component of the working harbour.

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Key Considerations
Design Framework
Next Steps
Sample waterfront projects and funding strategies
Design concept during non-event times

Revitalizing the inner harbour!

The City is developing a Ship Point Master Plan that will implement the vision for the area as a high quality waterfront park and signature events and festival site.

The master plan will include detailed site design, phasing and cost estimates, identifying immediate priorities, as well as long-term actions.


As of June 1, 2017, the project team, working closely with stakeholders, has developed:

  • Phase 1 Assessment Report [PDF - 16.1 MB] which includes a project overview and background, a summary of previous planning initiatives, and a detailed site and context analysis. Together, these provide the foundation and framework for the development of conception optons and a preferred concept in future phases.
  • Concept Options Memo [PDF - 15.7 MB]which provides a summary of the design framework and preliminary concept options for Ship Point. These are being used to explore and test different approaches to site design. Elements from these preliminary concepts will be used to develop a Draft Preferred Concept which will be presented for input and feedback at a Public Open House in July.


The Ship Point Master Plan Process will occur over the following three phases:

  1. Assessment and Definition (March/April 2017)
  2. Conceptual Design (May - September 2017)
  3. Detailed Design and Final Master Plan (September – December 2017)

View Process Diagram [PDF - 61 KB]


The community has provided significant feedback and input into the vision for this important site. The community's vision is now being transformed into an action plan through this process. The community will be consulted on concept designs in the early part of the summer. The feedback will be used to finalize the master plan will be presented back to the community in early fall.

About Ship Point

Ship Point, a central feature of the inner harbour, plays host to numerous events and festivals. It provides access to the Harbour Air Sea Plane terminal and the proposed Harbour Pathway.


Past planning and engagement has resulted in a shared community vision and set of objectives for Ship Point (read Harbour Vitality Principles).  The following key opportunities and objectives have been identified:

  • Provide a site design and infrastructure to create a signature waterfront park and destination, and to support the location of year-round special events and festivals
  • Strengthen pedestrian connections along the waterfront and to the Downtown
  • Provide limited parking and improve the overall aesthetics
  • Program the site for year round activity to make the site more inviting  
  • Support downtown economic health and vibrancy
  • Maintain access and circulation to the sea plane terminal