Visual Victoria

What is Visual Victoria?

Visual Victoria is a program that will refresh the overall look and feel of downtown, and will introduce an efficient system to help people find their way to key points in the city.

Victoria has one of the most vibrant, walkable, and recognizable downtowns in North America, and our public spaces play a significant role in promoting social interaction and a sense of community.

In any city, the best places to walk are ones that are full of pleasant surprises that make people excited to explore, and will encourage them to keep discovering. Comfortable places to sit, engaging public art, vibrant social spaces, creative playgrounds: these are rewards for exploring. When people anticipate such things, or when they find features that intrigue them, they embrace public spaces and bring them to life.

Your input to Visual Victoria will help develop a new Downtown Public Realm Plan and City-wide Wayfinding Strategy. The four step planning process is taking place over several months with an expected completion date of March 2017. 

How to get involved?

We are now preparing for the next phase of Visual Victoria. Once the event date and times are confirmed, information will be shared by the CIty. See what we heard in the first phase and read the phase one findings here.

Our second workshop which was held Wednesday, November 30 from 6 - 8:30 p.m., in the McPherson Theatre Lobby - #3 Centennial Square

At this workshop, we explored some proposed directions for the plans, including:

  • Clarifying and updating the downtown character areas (e.g. Chinatown)
  • Updating the catalogue of street furniture, materials and colour schemes
  • Confirming wayfinding destinations, routes and sign styles

To view either the Public Realm or Wayfinding presentations click below:

To share ideas or to provide input on Visual Victoria, please feel free to send a message to You can also let us know on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #visualYYJ to send us photos or comments about how we can reimagine the spaces you use every day downtown. Or take our online survey.

What is Wayfinding?

As more cities seek to encourage walking, biking, public transit, and other forms of transportation, the need for good signage to help find your way around the city becomes more apparent. At its simplest, wayfinding is knowing where you are, where you want to go, and the best route to get there.

Visual Victoria will help to provide clear visual language and graphic standards that can be universally understood, to efficiently and elegantly direct and assist people in navigating their way to key attractions, destinations, public parking, and other special places in Victoria.

What is Public Realm?

The public realm is simply public space.

Creating vibrant street life relies on certain physical qualities of these public spaces: sidewalks, city squares, streetlights, and even benches. Streets and public spaces are both a setting and an agent for social interactions that make a place interesting and engaging.