Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole is comprised of the Mayor and all members of Council, but the meetings are not considered formal Council meetings. When Council meets as Committee of the Whole,  no final decisions are made but rather recommendations can be made to Council that must be considered at a properly convened Council Meeting in order to be acted on or implemented. Committee meetings provide an opportunity for Mayor and Council to discuss issues less formally and in advance of actual decision making , and to workshop ideas and proposals before being advanced to Council meetings for formal approval. Recommendations from Committee of the Whole appear on the Council meeting agenda under the Reports of Committee section.

Agendas & Minutes


Prior to February 4, 2016, Council had two committees:

Governance and Priorities Committee:  Agendas & Minutes

Planning and Land Use Committee:  Agendas & Minutes

Terms of Reference

Specific Terms of Reference for the Governance and Priorities Committee

Type of Committee:  Committee of Council

Term:  Term of Council office (four years)

Membership:  All Council members

Chair:  Mayor

Primary Reporting Relationship:  Council

Meeting Frequency:  1st through 4th Thursdays

To consider and provide recommendations to the Council on:

  1. Governance
  2. Strategic priorities and planning
  3. The Five-Year Financial Plan
  4. The Twenty-Year Capital Plan
  5. Infrastructure Master Plans
  6. Strategic community issues
  7. The Sustainability Framework
  8. Human Resources and collective bargaining issues
  9. City legal matters and risk management issues
  10. Actions by the City that must be authorized by a Council resolution

To review and provide recommendations to the Council on land development regulations and policy, and specific land development applications, including:

  1. The Official Community Plan, Core Area Plan and Neighbourhood Plans
  2. The Zoning Regulation Bylaw
  3. Significant urban planning policies, encompassing community and transportation planning
  4. Rezoning applications
  5. Development Permit applications
  6. Development Variance Permit applications
  7. Master Development Agreements
  8. Heritage Designation applications
  9. Heritage Alteration Permit applications
  10. Heritage Revitalization Agreements
  11. Subdivision applications that require Council approval
  12. Variance applications to the Sign Bylaw