Candidate Financial Disclosure

Legislative changes governing local elections have placed responsibility for campaign financing rules with Elections BC.

A summary of the total expenditures of candidates in the 2014 City of Victoria Municipal Election is included below for convenience only. Additional details and copies of each candidate's Campaign Financing Disclosure Statement are available through Elections BC.

Mayoral Candidates

Filer Name (Candidate) Total Expenditures
ANDREW, Stephen $74,764.00
CHONG, Ida $108,120.45
FORTIN, Dean $128,636.42
HELPS, Lisa $88,564.06
ROSS, Jason $0
SHEBIB, David $0

Councillor candidates

Filer Name (Candidate) Total Expenditures
ALTO, Marianne $26,860.67
ANDERSON, Saul $80.00
CARROLL, Jonathan $550.00
COLEMAN, Christopher Mark $7,643.00
FILIPOVIC, Steve $1,454.22
GROOS, Hilary $11,134.90
HARASYMOW, James $20.00
HOAR, Ian $1,709.41
ISITT, Ben $26,527.60
KAYE, Erik $17,692.90
LOVEDAY, Jeremy $22,481.94
LUCAS, Margaret $13,835.93
LUTON, John $8,092.65
MACKINNON, Gordon $550.95
MADOFF, Pam $11,440.03
MOEN, Ryan $183.24
MURRAY, Sean $751.00
OLAFSON, Jeffrey $150.00
REEVE, Andrew J. $7,018.41
SERVOS, Paul $1,638.74
STEPHENSON, Justin $20,629.00
STEWART, Douglas $1,763.86
THORNTON-JOE, Charlayne $8,048.00
YOUNG, Geoff $8,416.00