City Grants

The City of Victoria has six grant programs.

The programs provide financial support to community organizations to advance important programs and services to residents. The program areas are:

  • Direct-Award Grants
  • Strategic Plan Grants
  • Micro Grants
  • Community Garden Volunteer Coordinator Grants
  • My Great Neighbourhood Grants
  • Festival Investment Grants

Direct-Award grants are grants paid to organizations that deliver a service on behalf of the City on an ongoing basis, including organizations that operate a City-owned facility. These grants are awarded annually by Council without a competitive process; annual reporting back to the City is required. Direct-award grants include:

  • Operating, youth programming and youth outreach grants to community and seniors centres
  • Per capita grants to each neighbourhood
  • Grants to Victoria Civic Heritage Trust and Victoria Heritage Foundation
  • Grant to Recreation Integration Victoria

Strategic Plan grants are awarded annually by Council through a competitive process. A policy outlines the requirements for applicants.

Micro-grants are maximum of $500 to cover supplies needed for food production in commons and community gardens. Council awards these through a competitive process annually and falls under the same policy as Strategic Plan grants.

Community Garden Volunteer Coordinator grants are available to neighbourhoods that have community gardens which are established under the City’s Community Garden Policy, with food production as the primary focus. These grants are to fund a person to coordinate volunteers.

My Great Neighbourhood grants support citizen-initiated projects that animate under-utilized community spaces to create gathering spots that bring people together. The City will fund up to $5,000 to match the equivalent contribution the neighbourhood makes, which can be a combination of volunteer labour, donated services, donated materials and other funds raised. Eligible applications include, but are not limited to, not-for-profit organizations, schools and community centres.

The 2016 application window of the My Great Neighbourhoods Grants closed on July 24, 2016. Grants will be awarded this coming fall. Learn more about the grant program here:

Festival Investment Grants are guided by the Festival Investment Grant Policy and are awarded by Council through a competitive process annually.

In 2015, Council also awarded a block of grants called “fee-for-service”. These grants have historically been awarded without a competitive process. The intent for 2016 is to discontinue this program and those organizations would be eligible to apply under the Strategic Plan grant category.

For 2016, Council has made the following changes to the Strategic Plan Grant Policy:

  • Applicants are required to demonstrate which strategic outcome their project will achieve
  • All festival applications will be redirected to the Festival Investment funding stream
  • All projects that impact public space will be redirected to a new Neighbourhoods funding stream
  • The application form will request the applicant to provide the following additional information:
    • Outline which strategic outcome (not just which strategic objective) the project would achieve
    • Outline who and how many would benefit from the project
    • Outline how much of the project cost is being requested
    • Identify and provide proof whether other funding sources have been confirmed or are pending
    • Staff will provide options for Council to fit the grant requests within the available funding

Strategic Plan Grant

For eligible organizations working on a project or program that supports the actions and outcomes of the City of Victoria's 2015-2018 Strategic Plan Objectives.

The intake for Strategic Plan grants closed on March 31, 2016.

Before You Start Your Application

Please review the relevant program policies before beginning the application process to ensure that you understand the goals and objectives, grant definitions, eligibility criteria, review process and the final reporting requirements. 

Getting Started

New for 2016, we have a provided a checklist to help you complete your application.  If you received a 2015 Strategic Plan grant, a final report must be completed and attached to your 2016 application.

You will need to save your form, add relevant signatures, and send by email along with any supporting documentation. Please note, a completed checklist is not required with your application - this is for applicant use only.

The forms for each grant program are listed below:

Strategic Plan

If you have any further questions, please email