Our goal is to create an efficient and positive parking experience for all residents, businesses, visitors and shoppers.

Parking Services Review: 
Improving Parking Downtown

The City of Victoria recently reviewed its parking services to identify ways to make it easier to park downtown and improve customer service. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback in our online survey and at the Parking Open House in April. All input was compiled and summarized in a report to City Council in May. Based on input from the community, the recommendations have been adopted. Learn more.

Free Parking on Sunday and Labour Day

Parking is free at the City's five parkades and at on-street meters downtown on Sundays and on Monday, September 1 for Labour Day. Pay parking is in effect at the City's surface parking lots 24/7. 

What's New?

New Pay on Foot Pay Station at Bastion Square Parkade
Motorists can pay the attendant at the exit gate or at the new Pay on Foot pay station located next to the second floor elevator at Bastion Square Parkade. Learn more

New Pay in Lane Pay Station at Johnson Street Parkade
In addition to the current Pay on Foot pay station at Johnson Street Parkade, motorists can now use the new Pay in Lane pay station located at the parkade exit. Learn more.

Learn about the payment options at our five parkades.

Did You Know?

Interactive Parking Map (VicMap)

Did you know you can view and learn more about parking in Victoria using the City's new VicMap? This interactive mapping system enables you view maps that illustrate the location of metered and non-metered parking spaces, pay stations, the City's five parkades and four surface parking lots, neighbourhood parking, as well as electric vehicle charging stations and bike parking. You can also create your own maps.

View the Interactive Parking Map. Once you have the map open, to make it interactive, click on the red icon "I want to" at the top left corner of the screen. Select from the pull-down menu "Turn map data on/off",then click on "Show Legend" at the bottom left corner of the screen.

To learn more about VicMap, click here. For assistance with VicMap, please email

First Hour Free Coupons for City Parkades

First Hour Free coupons are accepted at the City's five parkades Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. After hours, the coupon offers $1 off the $2 flat rate.First Hour Free coupons are available at the Public Service Centre counter at Victoria City Hall on weekdays from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., and from participating downtown merchants.

Starting September 15, 2014, the first hour of parking in a City parkade will automatically be free.

Pay Parking Reinstated at 900 Block Pandora Avenue

On July 2, 2013, the City of Victoria reinstated on-street pay parking at the 900 Block of Pandora Avenue between Quadra and Vancouver Streets to provide neighbouring businesses with increased parking turn-over and an extended period of time to park. Learn more about this pilot project.

Parking in Victoria

The City of Victoria Parking Services Division is responsible for on-street parking downtown and parking at the City's five parkades. It also operates four surface parking lots downtown. Free bicycle parking downtown is also available.

Pay a Parking Ticket Online

Did you know you can pay your parking ticket online? There's no need to make a trip to City Hall.

Review a Parking Ticket Online

You can have a City of Victoria parking ticket reviewed online using a fillable and savable form, and attaching any supporting documentation in an email to  There's no need to make a trip to City Hall or mail it in. Learn more.

Experiencing a Problem?

We appreciate the public's assistance in reporting an issue with a stand-alone meter or computerized parking machine. To report a problem, please contact Parking Services at or at 250.361.0260.

Free Parking Sundays and Statutory Holidays

Parking is free at downtown street meters and at City parkades on Sundays and Statutory Holidays. Note:  Pay parking at the City's surface parking lots is in effect 24/7.