City Budget

Keeping taxes affordable is important to the well-being of our businesses and households.

Like any business or household, the needs and wants within a municipality are often greater than what the municipality and community can afford at one time. Each year as part of the budget process, choices must be made. Our budget looks to balance competing priorities and challenges with the ability to provide high quality services for all our customers.

Try our Budget Simulator, which allows you to experience the types of decisions City Council and staff make when developing and allocating funds.

2017 Draft Financial Plan

Council will be receiving the 2017 draft Financial Plan on Thursday, October 20. Read the draft Financial Plan here [PDF - 86.9 MB].

2016 Financial Plan

Council has approved the 2016 financial plan. As presented in the financial plan, the 2016 operating budget totals $221 million and the capital budget totals $51.2 million. The budgets would result in an overall property tax increase of $2.8 million or 2.31%. Combined with utility fees, the overall costs to homeowners would result in a 2.05% increase from 2015, and 2.19% for businesses.

The Police Board gives VicPD direction on their annual budget, and that budget is then submitted to Council.

Budget Highlights:

  • Provides $10.4 million for transportation including new bike lanes, crosswalks and pathways, including David Foster Harbour Pathway, LED streetlight replacements
  • Invests $68 million in public safety (police, fire and bylaw)
  • Continues to invest in arts and culture, with over $1.4 million including public art, festivals, special events, Butler Book Prize and the Poet Laureate program
  • Supports neighbourhoods and proposes new participatory budgeting methods, placemaking and animation of public spaces.
  • Introduction of a new on-street parking ambassador model to create a positive parking experience and support an active and vibrant downtown
  • Establish a strategic real estate function to manage the City’s $1.1 billion in real estate holdings.
  • Continued focus on economic development supporting innovation and creativity aimed at attracting and retaining businesses.
  • Invests approximately $16.4 million in the City’s parks and recreation facilities, including 70 parks, 72 hectares of natural areas, 39 playgrounds, 23 tennis courts, 12 off-leash areas and 45 sports fields
  • Installation of a universal washroom/change room in Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre.
  • Improvements to Vic West Park including upgrades to the skate park and playgrounds, leash optional fencing and Dallas Road dog related improvements
  • Invests $850,000 in retaining walls and railings including Dallas Road seawall,Douglas Street and Wharf Street retaining walls.
  • Replaces aging pipes and underground infrastructure, including some of the City’s oldest pipes installed in 1891, to ensure clean water and environmental protection for the harbour and City’s natural areas.
  •  $4.7 million in continued funding for the Greater Victoria Public Library.