Victoria Fire Department

The Victoria Fire Department is 123-people strong and has three fire stations that provide exceptional fire, rescue and emergency services, in addition to fire prevention education.

Providing exemplary emergency response services to British Columbia’s Capital City, the Victoria Fire Department’s professional staff deliver a wide variety of safety-based programs that serve children, seniors, businesses and the community at large.  The Victoria Fire Department is proud to be members of an organization that has such a rich history of serving the City of Victoria.  Committed and dedicated to providing many essential and specialized services to the citizens of Victoria, we are constantly training to improve our skillsets in that endeavour.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

With Halloween approaching, the public is reminded that the City of Victoria Fireworks Bylaw [PDF - 167 KB] prohibits the sale, possession or discharge of fireworks. The use of fireworks can result in property damage, injuries, pet stress, and an increase in nuisance calls to emergency service agencies.

“Fireworks” include firecrackers, fireballs, Roman Candles, sky rockets, squibs, torpedoes, and any other explosive designated as a firework by regulation. Victoria Police enforce the bylaw and can issue fines or seize fireworks. The minimum fine is $200 and the maximum is $10,000. Exceptions are available through an application of a special fireworks permit.

Tips for Safe Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is a fun and spooky time of year. Below are some tips to keeping children safe during trick-or-treating and to preventing fires in the home.

  • To prevent tripping, do not choose costumes that are billowing, long or have trailing fabric.
  • If you are making a costume, choose material that won't easily ignite if it comes into contact with heat or flame. If your child is wearing a mask, make sure the eye holes are large enough to see out.
  • Provide children with flashlights or glow-in-the-dark props to carry for lighting as part of their costume.
  • Dried flowers, cornstalks and crepe paper are highly flammable. Keep these and other decorations well away from all open flames and heat sources, including light bulbs and heaters.
  • It is safest to use a flashlight or battery-operated candles in a Jack-o-lantern. If using a real candle, use extreme caution and make sure children are watched at all times when candles are lit.
  • Tell children to stay away from open flames. Be sure they know how to stop, drop and roll if their clothing catches fire.
  • Remember to keep exits clear of decorations so nothing blocks escape routes. Keep outdoor pathways clear of tripping hazards for trick-or-treaters.

The Victoria Fire Department wishes Victoria residents a safe and happy Halloween!

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