Victoria Fire Department

The Victoria Fire Department provides fire, rescue, emergency services, and fire prevention education to the Capital City.

What You Need to Know


The Victoria Fire Department periodically holds recruitment competitions to build its team of skilled professionals, who are trained to use the latest fire suppression and rescue techniques. During recruitment competitions, candidates who meet all of the basic requirements are invited to submit an application. Learn more.

Education and Outreach

The Victoria Fire Department is committed to educating citizens on fire safety and other safety practices. Outreach programs include free tours of a fire station, school visits and the new child car seat safety sessions. Learn more.

Fire Safety

Residential fires account for the majority of fire-related injuries in British Columbia. The Victoria Fire Department has helpful information about fire safety to protect you, your family and your property. Learn more.

Fire Prevention Programs

The Victoria Fire Department is committed to ensuring that your property and your neighbourhood are kept safe. We offer several prevention programs which include: Free Home Smoke Alarms, Juvenile Firesetters, Hoarding Support Group, Commercial Mobile Cooking Operations and Residential Underground Oil Tank Removal. Learn more.

Fire Inspections and Regulations

Fire inspectors play an important role in ensuring the public’s safety from fire at public buildings, offices, malls and residential apartments and homes. Inspectors check that fire protection systems are correctly installed according to the BC Fire Code (2012) and are kept up to date on their required service. Learn more.  

Fire Stations and Fleet

The Victoria Fire Department has three fire stations which house important fire fighting apparatus, vehicles, dispatch services and administrative offices to serve the community. The fleet also includes two fire boats to help protect Victoria’s Inner Habour and adjoining waterways.

 Victoria Fire Department Headquarters

The Victoria Fire Department’s current headquarters, also known as Fire Station No. 1, needs to be replaced. Learn more.


More than 150 years of history about the Victoria Fire Department is preserved by the Victoria Fire Department Historical Society. Members include both serving and retired Victoria firefighters, as well as interested members of the community. Learn more.