Leaf Collection


Victoria residents have two options for leaf collection: scheduled neighbourhood leaf collection, or bagged leaves call for pick-up service. There is no limit to the number of loose or bagged leaves you can set out on the boulevard. 

Get tips from our local leaf expert.  Does he look familiar?

Scheduled Neighbourhood Leaf Collection 

Each fall, City of Victoria Parks crews collect leaves along residential streets. Residential leaves can be placed in loose piles or in tied, clear, 100% compostable bags on the boulevard.
In 2015, neighbourhood leaf collection begins November 9 and ends in late December. City trucks make one pass down each street. If a return trip is required, a fee of $40 may be charged for each household's request.

When to Set Leaves Out on the Boulevard

Please check the 2015 Residential Leaf Pick-Up Schedule [PDF - 677 KB] for your neighbourhood's date to have bagged or loose leaves set on the boulevard for pick-up.

Below are the dates you need to know for Neighbourhood Leaf Collection:

Fairfield/Gonzales/Rockland – November 9
Fernwood/Jubilee/Oaklands – November 23
Downtown/James Bay/Victoria West – December 7
Burnside-Gorge/Harris Green/Hillside-Quadra/North Park – December 14

In late October, the 2015 Residential Leaf Pick-up Schedule was mailed to Victoria households. It is also available at Victoria City Hall and at the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre.

Bagged Leaves Call for Pick-up Service

From Wednesday, October 21 to Friday, December 18, 2015, Victoria residents can contact the City's Parks office at 250.361.0600 to arrange for their bagged leaves to be picked up on the boulevard for free within five working days.

Callers are asked to provide their first and last name, street address and phone number. This service provides you with the flexibility of having your leaves picked up before your scheduled neighbourhood collection date.

Bags accepted:  clear, 100% compostable bags, sizes vary (e.g., 33-litre standard size bags, 113 or 125-litre garden and waste bags).

Bags not accepted:  plastic and paper bags

Where to Purchase Compostable Bags

Clear, 100% compostable bags measuring 89cm x 127cm in size can be purchased at the Customer Service Centre at Victoria City Hall and at the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre.

A package of 15 bags is available for $12.50 plus tax. The bags meet the US standard ASTM #D6400. Similar bags can be purchased at local retailers. Always look for 100% compostable bags that are marked ASTM #D6400 or EN13432.

Tips for Placing Leaves on the Boulevard

  • Ensure leaf piles and bagged leaves are placed on the boulevard, and are visible and accessible from the street.
  • Bags must be tied, clear and 100% compostable.
  • Keep gutters, streets, sidewalks and storm drains clear of leaves to prevent clogging or flooding.
  • There is no limit to the number of bags or leaf piles that can be set out on the boulevard. 
  • Leaves only please.

Backyard Composting

Mulched leaves are a valuable source of nutrients for potted plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. The City of Victoria encourages backyard composting wherever possible. By composting your own leaves, you also help reduce the emissions caused by leaf blowers, trucks and other powered equipment used by the leaf pick-up service.  For more information, contact the Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre at 250.386.9676 or visit: www.compost.bc.ca

Leaf and Garden Waste Drop-Off

Victoria residents can drop off their leaf and garden waste for free year-round at the City of Victoria Public Works Yard, 417 Garbally Road, Saturdays, from 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. (Please note that garbage is no longer accepted at the Public Works Yard Drop-off.) Proof of residency is required in the form of a valid driver’s licence or a City of Victoria utility bill that indicates kitchen scraps and garbage pick-up service.

About Leaf Pick-up

Each fall, the City of Victoria collects approximately 7,000 tonnes of leaves from over 40,000 trees. Inclement weather and a late leaf drop are defining factors in how quickly staff can collect the leaves. Traffic patterns, school zones, road conditions, noise levels, areas prone to flooding and the types of trees on each street are taken into consideration when designing the leaf pick-up schedule.

First, the City focuses on collecting leaves from parks, sports fields, medians, parking lots, tennis courts and streets. Crews also ensure intersections and sidewalks remain clear for pedestrians.

Residential areas are next. Neighbourhoods with heavier volumes of leaves and early leaf drop, and areas with a higher concentration of large trees have their leaves picked up first. Neighbourhoods that are prone to flooding are given top priority.

The City has "pick-up" crews and "vacuum" crews for collecting loose leaf piles. "Pick-up" crews move the leaves with equipment such as blowers, tractors and rakes to a location that allows for easy access. "Vacuum" crews use a large unit that sucks up the leaves and blows them into a truck. Loose and bagged leaves are transported to the Beacon Hill Park Maintenance Yard for composting and reuse in City gardens.