Prior to starting any stage of your project, including excavation or demolition, you must obtain a Building Permit.

If your project requires rezoning of the property, your rezoning application must be approved before your Building Permit application will be considered.

Owner's Authorization Form

As of January 1, 2013, all proposed building permit applications must be accompanied by an owner's authorization form.
This form must be signed by the registered owner and the owner's agent, if the owner wishes to appoint or authorize another person to act on their behalf for the purposes of the building permit and subsequent trade permits.
An authorized agent may be the designer/registered professional, general contractor, or project manager. The owner should appoint an authorized agent with due care, as the agent is the applicant for the building permit, and will be able to authorize subsequent trade permits where needed. The City's expectation is the authorized agent is the contact with respect to all matters that arise from the permit process.
For demolition permits, a copy of the title search made within 30 days is required to verify the ownership.
All signatures must be original; no photocopies or scans will be accepted.
Owner's Authorization Form

Owner's Authorization Form for permit applications only. Do not use for accessing City records.

Permit Intake and Application requirements for all Building Permits

For a smoother permit application process, please check that you have all the information using our checklists before applying for your permit. It is optimal that you apply in person; permit packages that are sent by courier in may be refused if they are not complete or incorrect.

Should you need further information, please contact Amy Scovill for commercial building permit applications and Lorne Beally for residential building permit applications.

For new complex buildings, the City is piloting is a pre-application permit intake meeting with staff. Please contact the Permits and Inspections staff for more information or to book an appointment.

Forms & Applications

Building - Single Family Dwelling / Duplex / Strata Unit

Building - Single Family Dwelling with Secondary Suite

Building - Residential Garage / Accessory Building

Building - Strip Out / Demolition / Excavation

Building - Tenant Improvement

Building - Complex / Commercial / Multi-Family Buildings