At the City of Victoria, we value accessibility.

We look to provide accessible options with all our services. Many of our facilities have accessibility options, and many of our road crossings are equipped with audible pedestrian signals. We encourage new developments to incorporate accessibility features into all new projects.

The City incorporates accessible design into all sidewalk and intersection upgrades. Accessible design includes:

    • An established safe maximum grade for wheelchair ramps 
    • Zero lip ramps for a smoother transition from sidewalk to roadway
    • Relocating utility poles from sidewalks wherever possible
    • A minimum clear zone on sidewalks, free of utility poles or benches
    • Audible and countdown pedestrian signals at intersections

Did You Know?

  • Recent renovations at City Hall include the addition of a new elevator to improve access to all areas of the building.
  • Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre renovations recently completed include the addition of automated doors to the change rooms and washrooms and new accessible sinks and auto-flush toilets.
  • The City's website has text re-sizing and high contrast view option to improve accessibility for low-vision users.
  • Council and Committee meetings are available online through both live streaming and video archives.
  • The City's website is available in more than 60 languages (select language from top menu bar).

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