Community Records

Community records (also called "private" or "non-governmental" records) that document the history and development of Victoria are also acquired by the Archives through donation.

Community records consist of documents created in the normal course of affairs by a business, organization or family, such as correspondence, journals, ledgers, photographs, and property files. Some of the larger bodies of records (or "fonds") include the Commonwealth Games Society fonds, the business records of W. & J. Wilson, and the photographs of Harry Upperton Knight.

Descriptions of many of the private records held by the Archives can also be accessed on the Internet through the British Columbia Archival Information Network (MemoryBC). MemoryBC also contains descriptions of records held by archives throughout British Columbia, and can therefore provide a more comprehensive search in some cases.
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Details of City of Victoria Archives images (clockwise from top left):

M06097 - 1300 block of Douglas Street, west side, 1960
M08883 - Cyclists (from Payne family album), ca. 1900
M08114 - Lee Sha Kun family, ca. 1900s
M09037 - Victoria Girls Drill Team, picnic at Jensen Park in Portland, 1941
M08938 - Henry Savage with his Standard Steam Laundry truck, ca. 1909
M08922 - City Hall staff outside City Hall, ca. 1930s