How will the City inform businesses and the community of the new regulations?

  1. What is being done to raise awareness about the new bylaw?

    The City is developing an awareness campaign for businesses, residents and tourists. The City of Victoria’s website will be regularly updated with current information including a list of frequently asked questions.

    In addition, the City will be working with local businesses to develop a Retailer Toolkit, with resources for communicating with employees and customers about the bylaw, helpful tips to assist with the transition to reusable bags and to help customers remember their reusable bags, frequently asked questions and more.

  2. How will tourists know that Victoria is a plastic-checkout-bag-free City, and be prepared with their own reusable bags?

    The City is working with stakeholders, including Tourism Victoria, to develop a program to let visitors know that Victoria is a plastic-checkout-bag-free City, and that we are taking serious action to reducing our litter, material consumption and our landfill waste.  Many of these visitors may come from other cities across North American and around the world that already have a ban on single-use plastic bags.