Climate Leadership

Planning for a 100% Renewable City

Sustainability and climate protection have long been a part of the City's core values, policies and programs. To build a community that is resilient to future challenges, we recognize the need to lead by example.

In August 2016, the City of Victoria aligned its corporate and community emissions targets to the emerging global norm to limit global warming by 2 degrees, through an 80% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050, including a specific target of 100% renewable energy by 2050. Then in December 2016, Council approved actions for 2017 and identified the objectives to meet these renewable energy and carbon reduction goals.

Now in 2017, these actions and objectives will be incorporated into an updated Climate Leadership Strategy, setting a path to become a 100% renewable energy City by 2050 and to prepare for the impacts associated with a changing climate. This Strategy will be a roadmap for how the City will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change on public health, infrastructure, ecosystems, and public spaces in our community.

However, we are already support residents with a chance to take action! See below for Current Program and Rebates available now.

Current Programs and Rebates

Home Renovation Rebates: For Homes of all Heating Types

Reduce your monthly bills and greenhouse gas emissions by improving the energy efficiency of your home. The City of Victoria has partnered with BC Hydro and Fortis BC through the Municipal Partnership Offer pilot project which allows municipalities to bring residents additional rebates on heating system, insulation, water heater and other home retrofits. Receive a $500 bonus rebate and personalized energy coaching services to answer all your questions related to your energy efficiency upgrade project. Plus, if you live in an oil-heated home, you may be eligible for rebates for insulation, draft proofing and the bonus offer funded by your municipality.

If your home is heated by electricity please visit the BC Hydro website.

If your home is heated by natural gas please visit the FortisBC website

If your home is heated by heating oil please visit both of the above utility websites for retrofit incentive opportunities for your home.

Making the Switch from Heating Oil: Victoria Residents Can Save Up to $2,000

If you are looking to switch to a new heating system, there are two incentive options currently available.

1) Now is a great time to consider making the switch to an efficient air source heat pump with a combined incentive of $2,000 from the Province of BC ($1,700), the City of Victoria ($150) and the Capital Regional District ($150). For more information, visit or call 1-877-545-6247

2) FortisBC offers up to $1,000 when converting an oil or propane heating system to a high-efficiency natural gas system with their Switch 'n' Shrink Offer.

Have you inspected your tank, pipes and lines, for damage?  The majority of reported oil spills occur in the fall when households receive their winter oil delivery.  Why? Many of the oil tanks in Victoria are over 20 years old and have deteriorated significantly. In addition to be damaging to the environment, oil leaks can also be very damaging to your pocket book and can impact the value or insurability of your property.  To learn more about how to inspect and maintain your oil tank, read the Homeowner's Guide to Oil Tanks. 

This Municipal Partner Offer is available to City of Victoria residents until funds are exhausted.

Electric Vehicles: BC Clean Energy Vehicle Program

Victoria is the perfect place to own an EV, and rebate programs from the Province of BC help make it possible for you to have an EV of your own. The City added 9 EVs to the municipal fleet in 2016 and added charging stations to City parkades in 2014. Learn more about these low-carbon vehicles and rebates available through the BC Clean Energy Vehicle Program. Visit for all your electric vehicle needs including the $5,000 Provincial rebate and more, charging station locations, and answers to any of your EV questions.

City of Victoria Provincial CARIP Reporting

As part of our committment to the BC Climate Action Charter, we annually publish our Climate Action Rebate Incentive Program: 

2016_CARIP_Survey_Report_CityOfVictoria_Final.pdf [PDF - 394 KB]