Downtown Core Area Plan

The Downtown Core Area Plan will guide development in the downtown area over the next 30 years, helping to ensure that downtown remains the heart of the region.

The plan lays out a vision to encourage and foster the development of an attractive, vibrant, pedestrian-friendly and economically resilient downtown area. Council and staff will look to the 30 year plan as a guide for growth and development for the years ahead.


On April 25, 2013,  Council approved a series of minor policy and mapping amendments to Section 4 - Density Framework of the Downtown Core Area Plan to provide improved clarity with the interpretation and administration of the Density Bonus System. The approved amendments include a revised legend for the Density Bonus Areas Map (Map 15) and a new policy under section 4.12.1.  Together, it introduces appropriate densities for mixed use developments and provides clarity to the prescribed base and maximum densities as non-cumulative.