What is the purpose of the Downtown Core Area Plan?

The Downtown Core Area Plan establishes a long-term vision to guide development within the study area over the next 30 years. It provides policies and actions to guide and influence the physical, social, environmental and economic conditions of the area, and to ensure a sustainable and balanced approach to long-term growth.

The City will use this Plan in conjunction with other related policies, guidelines and regulations to evaluate the impact and suitability of public and private projects and initiatives related to land use, development, infrastructure and transportation, and will review all private and public projects and initiatives for their ability to help achieve the Plan's vision and goals.

The City will also use this Plan as a guide in preparing operating and capital budgets, defining department work programs and determining public improvements.

What topic areas does the proposed Downtown Core Area Plan address?

The Downtown Core Area Plan provides a range of policies, actions and general direction in regard to urban structure, land use, density, transportation, urban design, heritage, environment and community vitality. The Plan includes distinct sections that address each of these topic areas. Additional supporting information is also included in the appendices.

What is the boundary for the proposed Downtown Core Area Plan?

This plan applies to the Downtown Core Area, a broader area that includes the Downtown neighbourhood, Harris Green neighbourhood, the Rock Bay portion of the Burnside neighbourhood, and parts of the North Park, Fairfield and James Bay neighbourhoods.

Downtown Core Area Plan Boundary

What regulatory authority does the Downtown Core Area Plan have?

Approved by Council as a non-statutory local area plan, the Downtown Core Area Plan replaces the Downtown Victoria Plan (1990), the Harris Green Neighbourhood Plan (1995) and the Harris Green Charrette (1997). It serves as a local area plan for the Downtown and Harris Green neighbourhoods, and provides additional policy guidance for the portions of Rock Bay, Fairfield and James Bay that are located within the boundary of the Downtown Core Area in conjunction with their local area plans.

The Downtown Core Area Plan is used in conjunction with other applicable plans, guidelines and regulatory tools such as the Zoning Regulation Bylaw and the Official Community Plan to help guide decision making on land use and development applications.

How will the Downtown Core Area Plan be implemented?

A detailed Implementation Strategy/Action Plan is currently being developed to identify both short and long-term initiatives that are required to realize the Plan. These may include potential amendments to affected local area plans, the Victoria Zoning Bylaw as well as the current Official Community Plan. In addition, the implementation strategy will include a system and approach for the on-going monitoring and evaluation of the Downtown Core Area Plan.