Burnside Gorge Plan

The Burnside Gorge Neighbourhood is growing and changing. With your help, we have drafted a plan to help guide growth and future development in Burnside Gorge over the next 25 years.


Read your Burnside Gorge Neighbourhood Plan here [PDF - 13.4 MB].

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Your Neighbourhood Plan


  • 8 Big Moves which reflect the key priorities for the community
  • Urban design and land use policies that support the vision
  • Identification of key pedestrian and bicycling connections in the neighbourhood
  • A plan for public spaces and community parks
  • Future projects for consideration in the City’s capital plan
  • Implementation strategy: A prioritization of projects so it is understood what investments are most important to the Burnside Gorge community

Big Moves

The plan includes 8 Big Moves which represents the vision for the community. They are:

  1. Establish the Heart of the Neighbourhood: In response to community feedback that the neighbourhood lacks a “heart”, a strategy has been identified to unite the community around Jutland Road as a “main street”. Policies and investments have been identified to help develop Jutland Road and support shops, services and gathering, with pedestrian and cycling connections to the “main street”. Establish the Heart of the Neighbourhood [PDF - 856 KB]
  2. Protect and Enhance Industry: Industry plays an important role in this neighbourhood and for the broader good of the City and regional economy, with over 14,000 jobs in Burnside Gorge. High demand for light industrial space is expected in the future, supporting a diverse range of businesses whether traditional, innovative or artisan. Policies and investments are designed to support the heavy industry near the waterfront, and to support light industrial spaces and compatible employment in the rest of Rock Bay. Protect and Enhance Industry [PDF - 49 KB]
  3. Reconnect with the Waterfront: Improved connections to and along the waterfront are a central part of this plan. This plan envisions enhancements to existing parks, and the future creation of new trails, access (e.g. boat launch), and park space that will improve connections and interactivity with the waterfront. Reconnect with the Waterfront [PDF - 561 KB]
  4. Create Better Pedestrian and Cycling Connections: Residents told us that there is a need for safer, more comfortable connections within the community. This plan envisions improved cycling and pedestrian connections and safety through new and improved pedestrian crossings and trail connections. Create Better Pedestrian and Cycling Connections [PDF - 1.3 MB]
  5. Encourage Housing Diversity: Housing diversity is a priority for the neighbourhood. The plan includes policies to promote different types of housing such as townhomes, multi-unit housing and mixed use as well as limited housing above light industrial space near Selkirk Village. Encourage Housing Diversity [PDF - 746 KB]
  6. Accommodate Performance and Festival Spaces: The plan envisions future investment to create a “festival street” on Discovery Street and a renewed amphitheatre space in Cecelia Ravine. Accommodate Performance and Festival Spaces [PDF - 716 KB]
  7. Tame the Arterials: In order to make the roads more user-friendly for pedestrians and cyclists, the plan identifies future road designs and crossings to improve safety and implement the Biketoria Priority network along Gorge Road and Government Street. Calm the Arterials (busy streets) [PDF - 403 KB]
  8. Continue Development on Douglas Street which supports future Rapid Transit: As Douglas Street continues to grow and evolve, this plan identifies ways to encourage the growth around future rapid transit stops at Mayfair Town Centre and Humber Green, while enhancing public space along Douglas corridor. Douglas Street Transit-Oriented Development [PDF - 893 KB]

Burnside Gorge Neighbourhood Plan (by Section)

0. Cover Page, Table of Contents, Timeline [PDF - 472 KB]
1. Introduction [PDF - 155 KB]
2. Project Context [PDF - 862 KB]
3. Big Moves [PDF - 898 KB]
4. General Land Use and Urban Design [PDF - 544 KB]
5. Transportation and Mobility [PDF - 464 KB]
6. Parks, Trails and Open Space [PDF - 470 KB]
7. Infrastructure [PDF - 208 KB]
8. Heritage [PDF - 628 KB]
9. Business Vitality [PDF - 208 KB]
10. Arts and Culture [PDF - 279 KB]
11. Neighbourhood Sub-Areas overview [PDF - 104 KB]
12. Gorge Residential Sub-Area [PDF - 3.1 MB]
13. Selkirk and Cecelia Village Sub-Area [PDF - 1.4 MB]
14. Douglas Corridor Sub-Area [PDF - 4.1 MB]
15. Rock Bay Employment Sub-Area [PDF - 2.1 MB]
16. Implementation [PDF - 325 KB]
17. Appendix A - Glossary of Terms [PDF - 184 KB]


Key Pages

Page 57 [PDF - 650 KB]
Page 58 [PDF - 672 KB]
Page 68 [PDF - 651 KB]
Page 78 [PDF - 166 KB]
Page 80 [PDF - 334 KB]
Page 92 [PDF - 476 KB]
Page 93 [PDF - 516 KB]