Official Community Plan


An Official Community Plan is a 30 year plan that provides direction for growth and change in a community.

City Council, staff, and citizens refer to the plan for guidance on decisions such as where to locate housing and businesses, transportation priorities, and how the community will respond to climate change.

Victoria's new Official Community Plan (OCP) was adopted by Council in 2012 after two and a half years of public consultation with more than 6,000 people. The City's previous plan was last updated in 1995.

Victoria's new OCP focuses on vibrant, walkable villages and town centres while maintaining the downtown core as the heart of the region. It introduces a new approach to land-use management by recognizing the unique neighbourhood character and sense of place of different parts of the city, and emphasizes sustainable transportation such as walking, cycling, and transit.

An implementation strategy has been developed to put the plan into action. An annual review is presented to Council to track progress towards implementation and achieving the OCP's vision.


Official Community Plan

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