Create Victoria

 “The aim of creative city-making is to think of your city as a living work of art, where citizens can involve and engage themselves in the creation of a transformed place.”
 - Charles Landry Creative and the City:  Thinking Through the Steps

Create Victoria

Victoria radiates creativity.

We are home to an incredible mix of artists, designers, performers, entrepreneurs and innovators that contribute to a vibrant arts and culture scene.

We have an opportunity to build on our strengths to become a world-class hub for creativity, innovation and artistic excellence. Arts, culture and creativity are necessary for cities to thrive.

The City of Victoria is developing a five-year Arts and Culture Master Plan, branded Create Victoria, to create the conditions for creativity to flourish in our city. The plan will align ideas, people, and resources around a shared vision and a set of goals, strategies and tactics to realize our full potential.

Make your mark. Help us build a creative city.

Coming Soon!

Early in the New Year, we will be consulting the community on what makes for a vibrant future for arts, culture and heritage in Victoria, and how the City can support this vision. Watch for more information coming soon!

Help Update the Culture Map!

We are in the process of updating the Arts Victoria inventory which maps out more than 700 City-owned and community-run arts and culture assets in Victoria. Are you on the map? We need your help to fill in the gaps to ensure everything is counted. This information will help inform the development of the Arts and Culture Master Plan.

Please add venues, organizations, businesses and public art to our culture map. Click here to add content.

Arts and Culture Master Plan Advisory Group

The Arts and Culture Master Plan Advisory Group provides expertise and knowledge in arts, culture and heritage to build community connections and encourage broad participation from the community. Learn more.