Draft Plan


Draft Fairfield Neighbourbood Plan Chapters:

Table of Contents
Introduction Neighbourhood Context
Transportation and Mobility
Parks, Open Space and Urban Forest
Future Land Use
Northwest Area and Fort Street Corridor Urban Villages
Residential Housing Areas
Housing Affordability
Infrastructure and Green Development
Placemaking, Arts and Culture
Community Facilities and Wellbeing
Action Plan

Survey References

Northwest Area Key Direction: More housing in the northwest   

Northwest corner and Fort Street Corridor Concept
Chapter Northwest Area and Fort Street Corridor
Bonus Density info sheet       

Cook Street Village Key Direction: Strengthen Cook Street Village as the heart of the neighbourhood

Cook Street village Concept Diagram Cook Street Design Guidelines
Cook Street Design Guidelines Illustrated Highlights
Cook Street Urban Villages Chapter

Commercial Corners Key Direction: Encourage neighbourhood commercial corners to thrive

Moss Street and Fairfield Road Concept
Moss Street and May Street Concept
Small Urban Villages Chapter

Ross Bay Village (Fairfield Plaza) Key Direction: Re-imagine Ross Bay Village

Ross Bay Village Concept
Ross Bay Village chapter section

Housing Key Direction: New housing that fits residential areas

Traditional Residential Map Townhouses
Suites in Duplexes, Small Lot Houses, and Townhouses
Duplexes on Standard-sized lots
Houses With Two Secondary Suites; House with Secondary Suite and Garden Suite
Traditional Residential Areas section

Affordable housing Key Direction: Retain rental apartment areas

Affordable Housing section
Bonus Density info sheet                             

Transportation & Mobility Key Direction: Make it easier to leave the car behind

Neighbourhood Active Transportation Network
Neighbourhood-Identified Transportation Improvements Map
Transportation and Mobility Chapter

Parks, Open Space and Urban Forest Key Direction: Support the urban forest and green spaces

Parks, Open Space and Urban Forest
Infrastructure, and Green Development
Form and Character Objectives for Residential Areas
Summary of potential park improvements

Waterfront Key Direction: Enhance the waterfront

Parks, Open Space and Urban Forest
Transportation and Mobility
Waterfront chapter

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