What's Happened So Far

Early engagement was done jointly with Gonzales. Find out more here.

Fairfield Design Workshop (June 12 - 13, 2017)

Approximately 70 members of the public attended the public pin-up session at the end of the Design Workshop. Read the feedback and input that will be used to shape the Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan.

Fairfield Design Workshop Engagement Summary

Design Workshop Format

Fairfield Heritage

In August 2017, Council directed staff not to pursue Heritage Conservation Areas in Fairfield through the Neighbourhood Plan.

Initially, Heritage Conservation Areas were being explored as part of the neighbourhood planning process. The following feedback was received from the community through that exploration:

Read the Engagement Summary here

Read the notes from the homeowner workshops here

Read the redacted emails here

Read the results of the survey for the heritage section here

Read the feedback from the information sessions here

View the City presentation about Heritage Conservation Areas here

Fairfield Growth Options and New Housing

Through April and May, we asked the neighbourhood about growth models, new housing and heritage areas. We received more than 770 survey responses and more than 100 people attended the info sessions.

Read the DRAFT Engagement Summary for neighbourhood growth options and new housing* Read the Full Survey Report for neighbourhood growth options and new housing* Read the Notes from the Information Sessions for neighbourhood growth options and new housing*

*Note: The engagement for Heritage Conservations Areas has been posted above.

Survey Backgrounders

Survey Introduction

Fairfield Emerging Directions [PDF - 586 KB]

Topic 1: Neighbourhood Growth

Neighbourhood Growth FAQs [PDF - 690 KB] How Tall is a Building Storey [PDF - 436 KB] Neighbourhood Growth Option 1 [PDF - 841 KB] Neighbourhood Growth Option 2 [PDF - 955 KB] Neighbourhood Growth Option 3 [PDF - 959 KB] Detailed Comparison of Neighbourhood Growth Options [PDF - 750 KB]

Topic 2: New Housing

Why new types of housing? [PDF - 22 KB] House + Secondary Suite + Garden Suite [PDF - 571 KB] House + Two Secondary Suites [PDF - 538 KB] Duplex with Secondary Suite [PDF - 569 KB] Small lot house with secondary suite [PDF - 475 KB]

Topic 3: Townhouses

Why Townhouses? [PDF - 1Topi77 KB] Side-by-side townhouses [PDF - 496 KB] Rowhouses with Privately Owned Yards [PDF - 481 KB]

Heritage Areas

Why Heritage Conservation Areas [PDF - 385 KB] What is special about these areas? [PDF - 552 KB] HCA Areas Being Explored (in pictures) [PDF - 3.7 MB]

Technical Studies

Colliers Fairfield and Gonzales Retail Analysis January 2017 [PDF - 1 MB] Coriolis Density Bonus and Affordable Housing April 2016 [PDF - 1.1 MB] Coriolis City of Victoria Density Bonus Policy Study March 2015 [PDF - 1.4 MB] Urban Futures Managing Growth and Change in Victoria 2009 [PDF - 1.7 MB]

Fairfield Vision and Goals

Between April and September 2016, we heard from many residents and businesses about their hopes for Fairfield in the future. The Fairfield Vision and Goals [DOCX - 33 KB]reflect what we heard. Tell us if we got it right by emailing us at engage@victoria.ca