Victoria West Neighbourhood Plan


Honouring the past, shaping the present, and investing in the future – it’s your community! 

Your Vic West Neighbourhood Plan is almost finished! Based on your feedback, we have made over 100 changes. These revisions are highlighted in red text in the proposed neighbourhood plan. Read the full proposed Neighbourhood Plan here.

Join us at the open house then fill out the online survey (takes at least 15 minutes),and find out about revisions to the plan and proposed amendments to the Official Community Plan. Survey closes Sunday February 4, 2018.

Email to be added to the list for email updates about the plan.

Open House

Saturday, January 20, 2018
1 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Vic West Elementary School Gym
15 minute presentations at 1:15 and 2:30


1.    Summary of feedback on Draft Plan and proposed revsions

2.    Proposed revisions to Traditional Residential Urban Place Designations (Official Community Plan Amendments 1-5)

3.    Proposed revisions to Urban Residential and Urban Village Urban Place Designations ((Official Community Plan Amendments 6-11)

4.   Proposed revisions to Employment Urban Place Designations ((Official Community Plan Amendments 12-14)

5.   Proposed revisions to supportable densities for selected Urban Place Designations ((Official Community Plan Amendment 15)

6.   Expanding and creating new Development Permit Areas ((Official Community Plan Amendments 16-19)

Read the previous version of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan (August 2017) here

Previous Engagement (Fall 2017)

Through mid-August to late September 2017, the community was invited to provide feedback on the Draft Victoria West Neighbourhood Plan. View the engagement summary here.

This feedback will be used to make revisions to the draft plan, which will be brought out to the community for final review.

  • 188 people completed the online survey: report [PDF - 1.2 MB]
  • Feedback from events: notes [PDF - 694 KB]
    • 110 at two open houses
    • 80 at the City’s booth at the Vic West Corn Roast
    • 50 people at three pop-up events \
    • 89 people attended four Pizza and a Planner events
    • 25 youth participated at Skate Park pop-up
    • 25 attended a presentation to Vic West Land Use Committee

Find out more about the plan:

View the Vic West Big Moves Brochure

View the Open House Display Boards here

Read the DRAFT Design Guideline Objectives for Traditional Housing

Read the DRAFT Design Guideline Objectives for Urban Residential Areas

Draft Vic West Neighbourhood Plan Chapters

Table of Contents
Big Moves Plan
Neighbourhood Contex
Transportation and Mobility
Parks, Open Space and Waterways
Future Land Use Map
Residential Areas
Special Planning Areas and Master Planned Areas
Urban Villages
Employment Lands
Infrastructure and Green Development
Neighbourhood Food Systems
Neighbourhood Well-Being
Arts, Culture and Placemaking
Action Plan
Glossary of Terms

Survey References


Big Move 1: Overview of Move to Strengthen Vic West Village Hearts
                     Westside Village Area Concept Sketch
                     Craigflower Village Area Concept sketch

Big Move 2: Neighbourhood Active Transportation Network
                    Regional multi-use trails
                    Neighbourhood-Identified Transportation Improvements Map

Big Move 3: Row/Townhouses
                    Reusing Heritage Buildings
                    Duplexes on Smaller Lots
                    Secondary Suites
                    Small Apartment Buildings

Big Move 4: Neighbourhood Land Use Map
                    Urban Form and Character Objectives for Traditional Housing
                    Urban Form and Character Guidance to Urban Residential Areas

Big Move 5: Future Inter- Municipal Waterfront Pedestrian Routes

Big Move 6: Vic West Employment Lands

Big Move 7: Suggested Park and Open Space Improvements