Get Involved

There are many ways that Vic West neighbours can participate in planning their neighbourhood.

Stay informed

Recent Events

More than 200 people attended three events through January to help plan the future of their neighbourhood. Topics included:

  • Transportation and Community Design Walkshop

How do we bring together the older and newer parts of Vic West? How do we improve our streets and create a well-connected community for pedestrians, cyclists and transit?

  • Future of Urban Villages Walkshop

How could the areas around Westside Village Shopping Centre and the Craigflower Village change over the next 25 years?  What could these villages look like? What is needed to support them in the future? 

  • Future Housing, Climate Change, Neighbourhood Amenities, Parks and Food Systems

What would you like new housing, neighbourhood food systems, climate change response, neighbourhood parks and facilities to look like? What could Vic West's industrial areas look like in the future? What else is needed to make Vic West even better?

The community's input from these events will help shape the draft neighbourhood plan.

Lead engagement with the community

Throughout the plan development we will have lots of opportunities for neighbours to help plan the future including online surveys, sounding boards in the community, community meetings, open houses, workshops, and pop-up events are all being used to reach out to the community.If you want to help lead engagement with the community, we invite you to lead or collaborate with the City to host a planning event. The City will cover costs for these events including venue rental, facilitators and technical expertise.