Reeson Park

About Reeson Park

Reeson Park is a half-acre waterfront park located at the bottom of Yates Street, along Wharf Street. The park has a small entrance  off Wharf Street, a sloping grassy area, and a rocky shoreline.

The area surrounding the park is changing, including the addition of new public spaces that will be developed around the Johnson Street Bridge.

What's New

This September construction of a new waterfront pathway in Reeson Park will begin. This work is part of improving connectivity along the David Foster Harbour Pathway.  This new section of the pathway is scheduled to open in December.

This will be a paved, wheelchair accessible pathway with guardrails and lighting, connecting the lower portion of Reeson Park with neighbouring properties.

During construction the lower area of the park will be closed to the public. The rest of the park, when safe, will remain open.  Construction hours will be limited from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.  Construction impacts will include noise from excavation and possible controlled blasting in the park.

There are currently no plans for additional work in Reeson Park. Thank you for your patience as we expand the David Foster Harbour Pathway. This work is, in part, sponsored by the Trans Canada Trail Foundation.

More information about the David Foster Harbour Pathway can be found here.