Topaz Park

Topaz Park: Proposed Park Improvement Plan!

The proposed Park Improvement Plan for Topaz Park came to the community from April 9-30!  Thank you for the fantastic response via the online survey and to the 250+ who came out on Saturday, April 21 to the Open House. 

Staff will be reporting to Council on the Park Improvement Plan in the summer.  Short term park improvements could begin in 2018. 

View the Proposed Topaz Park Improvement Plan that was presented to the community, April 9-30). 
(as shown on the right)

View an aerial photograph of the existing park and amenities.  


About this Project
Over the past year, the City of Victoria has been developing a Park Improvement Plan for Topaz Park, which will guide future park investment. The draft plan is based on many inputs, including public feedback and the Parks and Open Spaces mater Plan. The massive response to the initial draft concepts, presented in December 2017, was in indication of how much Topaz Park is valued by citizens!

This is the final phase of public engagement for this project. The proposed park plan will be presented to Council for approval in the summer.   

What We Heard

Please click on the following reports of feedback collected from
May 2017- April 2018: 

Phase 1: May 2017-June 2017
The first phase focused on collecting community feedback regarding existing park use, existing park conditions and possible future improvements.  As the park facilities were in various stages of their life expectancy, the City wanted to hear from residents that use Topaz Park about what they love and what they would like to see improved, as well as ideas for new activities and park features. The information gathered helped to set the vision for the future of Topaz Park and set priorities for future improvements. See Phase 1 Feedback.

Phase 2: December 2017-January 2018
The second phase of the project aimed to engage and solicit feedback from the community on two concept plans for improvements at Topaz Park. The two design concepts for Topaz Park were based on the results of the first phase of public engagement, current site conditions, and direction from Victoria’s Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan. Each concept offered a mix of park activities and features for consideration. See Phase 2 Feedback. 

Phase 3: April 2018
On April 9, 2018 we launched Phase 3 and shared the proposed park improvement plan with the community. See Phase 3 feedback


Topaz Park is located in the Hillside Quadra neighbourhood between Topaz Avenue and Finlayson Street, along Blanshard Street. It is Victoria's third largest park and includes a variety of sport and community features, including an artificial turf field and a lacrosse box.

Park Features

  • Four sport fields - including one artificial turf field
  • Lacrosse box
  • Washrooms
  • Dog off-leash areas
  • Playground
  • Unprogrammed green space
  • Natural areas
  • Fitness equipment

To book a sports field, or find out a field's current condition, click here.

Background: Topaz Park Improvement Plan

In 2016, Council decided to develop a Park Improvement Plan for Topaz Park, outlining both short and long term goals. In 2017, the City worked with the community to begin to create a future plan for Topaz Park which will reflect current use of the park and desires for future investment. A park improvement plan is also guided by the Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan.

There will be three rounds of community consultation:

  • Phase 1:  Complete: In May and June 2017 you told us what you love about Topaz Park, what you’d love to change and what your priorities are for future improvements.  Based on what was heard, staff have created 2 concepts to share with the community.
  • Phase 2: Dec 11, 2017 - Jan 29, 2018: Share your feedback on the 2 concepts.  Based on what is heard, staff will then prepare a preferred concept based on feedback: 
  • Phase 3: Early 2018: Community check in: We will bring a final improvement concept back to the community for one more round of feedback.

Staff will then report to Council. Short term park improvements could begin in 2018. 

What is the level of community involvement?

This engagement process will aim to be at the “Involve” level.
Goal: To work directly with the public throughout the process to ensure that public concerns and aspirations are consistently understood and considered.

How your input will be used:
To inform short and long term improvements to Topaz Park as part of the Park Improvement Plan.

If you have any questions about this engagement process, please email