Burnside Gorge Neighbourhood Plan

Great Neighbourhoods are the result of committed citizens, careful planning, financial investment and thoughtful design. A neighbourhood plan is one part of creating sustainable, vibrant communities.

Your Neighbourhood Plan

With your help, we have drafted a plan to help guide growth and future development and investment in Burnside Gorge over the next 25 years. The draft Burnside Gorge Neighbourhood Plan is available here [PDF - 11 MB].

Where do we go from here?

As part of implementing your Neighbourhood Plan, the Official Community Plan is being amended. The public hearing is on Thursday, July 13 at 6:30 p.m. Please send any correspondence to publichearings@victoria.ca by 11 a.m. on Wednesday July 12.

All correspondence submitted will form part of the public record and will be published in a meeting agenda. Read the full notice of public hearing [PDF - 111 KB].

What changes are being made?

Read the Report to Council which includes:

  • Amendment bylaw no. 17-071: Updated Future land use designations to support the development of new housing and urban villages, and to enhance the vibrancy of business and industrial areas
  • Amendment bylaw No. 17-072: Updated boundaries and guidelines for Development Permit Areas, to support new development that is sensitive to the existing neighbourhood and enhances our community

Proposed Amendments to Land Use (Urban Place) Designations

Land Use (Urban Place) Designations guide future growth and change in terms of building uses, heights and densities. Several changes are being proposed to support the development of new housing, urban villages and enhanced employment areas as proposed by the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Urban Place Designations identify future land use, density and forms. Each Urban Place Designation includes objectives and policies for the lands it applies to. An Urban Place Designation does not entitle a certain type of building to get built, as it is not regulation. These designations are used by Council in considering future zoning. 

Proposed Amendments to Development Permit Areas and Guidelines

Development Permit Areas allow the City to apply guidelines for the form and character of most new development. The City is proposing applying two sets of guidelines:

  • The existing city-wide Guidelines for: Multi-Unit Residential, Commercial and Industrial already apply to most of these areas, but would be extended to any areas where they donā€™t currently apply. Read the existing design guidelines here. {http://www.victoria.ca/assets/Departments/Planning~Development/Development~Services/Documents/DPA16%20Design%20Guidelines.pdf}
  • A new set of Revitalization Guidelines for Corridors, Villages and Town Centres is being proposed to implement the Urban Design directions of the draft Neighbourhood Plan, with a focus on creating quality pedestrian-friendly buildings, sensitive transitions to lower-density parts of the neighbourhood, and livable new developments. Read the new design guidelines here.

Corridors: Many of the major street corridors are expected to accommodate new commercial and residential development over the next 25 years. These areas are proposed for new or expanded development permit areas to support quality development that fits in with the neighbourhood, transitions sensitively to adjacent areas, creates pedestrian-friendly environments along the street and for new residents.

The Town Centre and Urban Villages in Burnside Gorge are expected to be areas of focus for growth and change in the next 25 years, establishing pedestrian-friendly areas for living, working, gathering and accessing daily retail and services. These areas are proposed for new or expanded development permit areas to support quality development that enhances the neighbourhood.


  1. Map ā€“ Proposed Amendments to Development Permit Areas for Corridors
  2. Map ā€“ Proposed Amendments to Development Permit Areas for Town Centre, Large Urban Villages and Small Urban Villages
  3. Maps ā€“ detailed boundaries of proposed Development Permit Areas
  4. Revitalization Guidelines for Corridors, Villages and Town Centres

We have heard from you about the Proposed Changes to the Official Community Plan. Read more below.

Read the Engagement Summary [PDF - 399 KB]

Read the Online Survey Report [PDF - 62 KB]

Read the Notes from the Heritage Conservation Homeowners Workshop [PDF - 383 KB]

Read the feedback received by email [PDF - 1.2 MB]

Burnside Gorge Neighbourhood Map