Off-Street Parking Review

The City is reviewing the Off-Street Parking regulations for vehicles and bicycles in order to support and encourage development, investment and affordable housing.

A review of off-street parking is being conducted to align the regulations with actual demand, current trends and community objectives.The off-street parking regulations apply to private property only and do not include public on-street parking, City parkades or parking lots.

Read the Draft Off-Street Parking Regulations
Read the Draft Off-Street Parking Regulations for Downtown
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What's happened so far:

An open house was held in November 2017 for the public to review the draft regulations. Feedback received at the open house and by email will be presented with the draft regulations to Council. The public will have a further opportunity to provide feedback at a Public Hearing (time and date to be confirmed) when Council considers approving the regulations.

Off-street parking regulations have not had a significant update since 1981.Victoria has evolved with new growth and development and new policies. Off-street parking regulations need to support development in balance with the City’s growth and sustainability policies. Updated off-street parking regulations will help to support active transportation (e.g. cycling, walking, transit), encourage economic development, enable affordable housing and maintain healthy communities.

The key proposed changes include:

  • Fewer parking stalls required for smaller condominium units
  • Fewer parking stalls required for affordable housing
  • Fewer parking stalls required for rental housing
  • New parking stall requirements for developments downtown and in village centres
  • More secure bicycle parking stalls required in multi-residential and commercial development
  • New parking stall requirements that reflect the actual parking demand

Background Documents

Poster Boards from the December 7, 2016 Open House

Summary of Proposed Parking Rates, draft December 2016

The following five discussion papers were developed at the conclusion of each project phase:

Working Paper No. 1 – Policy Review and Preliminary Directions (March 2016) [PDF - 1.1 MB]

Working Paper No. 2 – Bylaw Comparison and Best practices (April 2016) [PDF - 1.4 MB]

Working paper No. 3 – Parking Demand Assessment (September 2016) [PDF - 1.7 MB]

Working Paper No. 4 – Focus Groups and Stakeholder Outreach (September 2016) [PDF - 930 KB]

Working Paper No. 5 – Preliminary Recommendations (October 2016) [PDF - 1.8 MB]

Contact with questions or feedback.


The City of Victoria is undertaking a comprehensive review of the Off-Street Parking regulations for vehicles and bicycles (Schedule C of the Zoning Regulation Bylaw). The Off-Street Parking regulations will establish appropriate parking requirements for development on private property. This project does not include a review of the provision or management of public parking such as on-street parking, parkades or surface parking lots.

The desired outcome of the review is an updated set of parking requirements and related design standards that reflect current trends and best practices as well as to align and support the related policies and objectives in the Official Community Plan.  A key component of this project will be the review and update of minimum parking requirements for private property which will be completed through data collection, research, and analysis related to parking demand and best practices. It is anticipated that the key benefits of this project will include:


  • A better understanding of actual parking demand for a range of uses throughout Victoria
  • A reduction in parking variances thereby improving the overall development application review process
  • A more user-friendly format for the off-street parking regulations
  • The ability to better support and encourage development and investment
  • Updated regulations and design standards for vehicle and bicycle parking that are better aligned with current practices and trends
  • Better support for affordable housing and healthier communities 


Off-street parking within the City of Victoria is regulated through the Zoning Regulation Bylaw which has been in place since 1981 with the most recent updates in 2005. The bylaw regulates how private property can be used and specifies required minimum parking supply for vehicles and bicycles for various types of uses. Victoria has evolved significantly with new growth and development throughout the city including new uses and activities which have resulted in numerous amendments to the Zoning Regulation Bylaw.

This project does not include a review of the provision or management of public parking such as on-street parking, parkades or surface parking lots.