Neighbourhood Preparedness

Neighbour Helping Neighbour

Community self-reliance is important and will be vital in the aftermath of any major disaster. By definition, a disaster will tax and overwhelm all local resources and response mechanisms. You need to be ready to be on your own for up to seven days without any outside assistance.

Victoria has strong interconnected communities that will be resilient. In 2018, Victoria Ready will empower neighbourhoods to embrace the 'Neighbour Helping Neighbour' mentality by offering a revamped Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP).

We will deliver training and support to community associations and stakeholders who are willing to donate time to prepare to respond in their communities.

While this initiative is still in its infancy, we hope that the end result will be communities that can come together and organize an effective 'Neighbour Helping Neighbour' response to any emergency that our communities may face.

Please stay tuned for details in early 2018.


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