Prepare At Home

Many people think an emergency will never happen to them, but emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere.

Victoria gets its share of weather events such as windstorms and snow, which can disrupt power or make transportation difficult. We're also due for a major earthquake in the next 50 years and need to be prepared for at least three days with no assistance.

Our Recipe for Disaster series and Emergency Contact Card can help you and your family prepare for an emergency and reconnect in the event of a disaster.

Recipe for Disaster Series

Recipe for Disaster

Don't wait for an emergency to happen. Learn what you need to include in your Emergency Kit at home, at work, and for your pet. Check out our Recipes for Disaster.

Emergency Contact Card

This easy to use Emergency Contact Card will help your loved ones reunite after an earthquake or other disaster.

Family Meeting Places
Emergency Contact Card

The size of a business card, on one side, the Emergency Contact Card enables family members to note down a pre-determined, easy to identify, walkable daytime and evening meeting place.

Choose an accessible open space to meet, rather than a building that may be damaged after an earthquake. Keep in mind that bridges and roads may be blocked, so choose a walkable family meeting place. Remember to update your family meeting places in the event you move.

Out-of-Province Contact

The other side of the card asks for an out-of-province contact name and phone number that all family members are to call after an earthquake or disaster. If phone systems are damaged, it may be easier to access an out-of-province line than a local line.

It will be important to keep your conversation short, let your contact know how and where you are, and when you'll check-in again. Also, make sure you can leave a voice message at this phone number. If you're unable to call, ask someone to call for you. Your out-of-province contact will help connect your family after a disaster.

An earthquake or other disaster can happen at anytime. That's why it's important that family members carry their Emergency Contact Card with them at all times.

Where to Find Them

Emergency Contact Cards are available at Victoria City Hall, the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre, the central library, and at Victoria community and seniors centres. Make sure to pick up a card for each of your family members. The Emergency Contact Card is also available as a fillable PDF form. Complete the card by typing in information on your computer, select to print double-sided, and cut the cards to fit your wallet.