Victoria is easy to get to, and get around. Downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods are compact, and walkable by foot, stroller or wheelchair.

We are the cycling capital of Canada, and enjoy many pedestrian and cycle pathway systems.
We are served by an excellent transportation network. Ferries carrying passengers, automobiles, trucks and trailers make more than 100 crossings to and from the mainland daily, linking motorists to Vancouver to the east, Seattle and Port Angeles to the south and Prince Rupert and Alaska to the north. The network also includes an international airport, helicopter and seaplane services and buses. The City of Victoria works to make roads, bike lanes, sidewalks, pathways, and crosswalks safer and more accessible for everyone.

Current Transportation Projects

Click here for Street Fax, a listing of daily road closures, obstructions, and other road work that might impact your travel plans or commute. Street Fax is posted weekday afternoons. 

Commuters in Victoria will also find an efficient network of roadways, paths and trails, and transit connections.