Cook St.

Cook Street is the third corridor in the downtown active transportation network planned for construction. 

The corridor will connect the Pandora Avenue and Fort Street protected bike lanes with one way protected bike lanes on each side of the street. The protected bike lanes will connect the communities of North Park, Harris Green, Fernwood and Fairfield and provide a comfortable and convenient connection to the edge of the North Park and Cook Street Urban Villages.


  • Extent: Pandora Avenue to Southgate Street
  • Length: 1.2 kilometres
  • Street Classification: Arterial road
  • On Street Parking: No parking permitted
  • Truck Route: Only north of Fairfield road
  • Transit Route: Yes
  • Existing Bicycle Facilities: None
  • Destinations: Cook Street Village and North Park Village
  • Connections: Connects the communities of North Park, Harris Green, Fernwood and Fairfield

Upcoming Engagement

City staff are notifying stakeholders along the corridor to ensure they are aware of the upcoming project and the upcoming opportunities to provide input at different stages of the design process. Join us at future consultation events this spring to let us know what is important to you when it comes to transportation decisions.

Next Steps

SPRING 2017 – Consultation on the design concept

SUMMER 2017 – Consultation on the concept details

FALL 2017 – Council consider final design

SPRING / SUMMER 2018 – Construction of new infrastructure

The Recommended Network - Biketoria Interim Report provides additional information about the Cook Street corridor, as well as rational behind choosing Cook Street.


Do you have feedback about Cook Street as a proposed cycling route? Email: