Fort Street

The Fort Street corridor provides an important east-west connection through the centre of Victoria’s downtown core. This corridor provides convenient connections to a diverse range of shops, services and employment destinations.

Open for Business:

The Fort Street bike lanes opened May 27th 2018. The project includes a new two-way protected bike lane, new bike signals, and new bike parking. Nearly 1000 people came out for the launch event which included 6 celebration stations and lots of activities for all ages to enjoy.

Sidewalk construction on the 700 block is scheduled for completion in June 2018 and new mid-block crossings on the 800, 900 and 1000 blocks will eventually be added in coordination with private development projects.

New Features:

Cycling on Fort Street is now safer for vulnerable road users. The project retained 95% of on-street parking and includes new seating and landscape features, enhanced mid-block crossings, audible pedestrian signals, and new sidewalks. Additional accessibility features will be added in summer and fall 2018. 

Helpful Tips:

The helpful tips described below are generalized descriptions of what the average person can expect to encounter when using the protected lanes.  All road users are required to follow the rules and regulations as laid out in the Motor Vehicle Act. and are subject to fines or penalties if in violation of these rules. All road users are requested to be courteous and respectful to each other.

People Driving Vehicles:

  • Pedestrians and cyclists now have their own dedicated signal phase. Vehicles must wait for the left turn signal
  • Green conflict paint indicates zones of caution. Look for cyclists travelling both ways
  • At crosswalks, driveways and side streets, yield to pedestrians and cyclists and then proceed when clear
  • When parking, align your vehicle between the pavement markings
  • Use caution when opening passenger-side doors; look both ways before crossing bike lane

People Cycling:

  • Proceed only when the bike signal is green. Always yield to pedestrians and other cyclists when turning
  • Green conflict paint indicates a shared area with vehicles – use extra caution
  • Respect other road users, bike safe and be predictable 
  • All cyclists are required by law to wear a helmet, use hand signals and have front and rear lights

People Walking:

  • When crossing at designated areas, show your intent, wait for cyclists and cars to stop, and proceed with caution
  • Avoid walking in the bike lane and look both ways for cyclists before crossing
  • Do not start to cross an intersection after the warning hand has started flashing


Orientation Rides

Interested in trying out the new Fort Street protected bike lanes? Throughout the month of June and all this summer the City is partnering with the Bike to Work Society to provide orientation rides that will highlight the new features along Fort Street and help people get familiar with the new bike lanes.

Sign up for one of the rides this June listed below or check back soon for more dates!

Monday June 18th, 5-6pm

Thursday June 21, 12pm – 1pm

Tuesday June 26th, 5-6pm

Wednesday July 4th, 12-1pm

Sign up for an orientation ride here:



Do you have feedback about the Fort Street protected bike lanes? Email: