Stormwater Management

The stormwater system helps to manage rain and runoff in our city.

Rainwater Rewards Rebate Program Review

Help improve the Rainwater Rewards rebate program by sharing your feedback and ideas!

This pilot Rainwater Rewards Rebate program has been running for three years and the City is now looking for feedback to help improve the program.

The pilot Rainwater Rewards rebate program began in May 2015 to encourage the use of sustainable rainwater management methods with low-density (1-4 units) residential property owners.  One time rebates were offered for the installation of rain gardens, permeable paving, cisterns, rain barrels, bioswales and infiltration chambers.  In addition, an ongoing credit of 10% was applied to the Stormwater Utility bill of all participating properties (with the exception of rain barrel installations). 

Share your Feedback!

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Here are a few details about the current rebates:

Rainwater Management


Min. Size


$/sq. m

Min. Rebate

Max Rebate



Rain Barrel (2x175L size)

350 L





From $350


1200 L





From $1,200

Rain Garden/ Bioswale/

Infiltration Chamber

25 sq. m





From $1,000

Permeable Pavement

10 sq. m





From $3,000

Permeable Pavement with 

Rock Reservoir

25 sq. m





From $5,000

*Only work undertaken after the launch of the program was eligible for a rebate.  Pre-existing work was eligible for the ongoing credit.
You can read more about the rebate program here.

Apply for Rainwater Rewards

Are you interested in managing rainwater more sustainably and saving some money? Rainwater Rewards have been designed to encourage property owners to consider managing rainwater when undertaking other improvements to their properties. Learn more about the Rainwater Rewards program.

About your Stormwater Utility Bill

Stormwater utility bills are sent out to property owners in October. Prior to 2016, stormwater fees were collected through your property tax. The new utility is a user-pay system, connecting the impact a property has on the stormwater system directly to the bill. Learn more about your stormwater utility bill.

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is rain that lands on hard surfaces and then flows into drains and pipes.

The stormwater system helps to manage the rain and runoff in Victoria, including:

  • Reducing flooding by moving excess stormwater away from properties
  • Separating some of the oil, metals, sand and soil that would otherwise flow into our waterways and ocean
  • Use rain as a resource, capturing it for reuse in landscaping or slowing, cleaning and releasing it back into the natural water table
  • Increasing our ability to deal with a changing climate and rainfall patterns

Learn more about our stormwater system.


If you have any questions about the stormwater utility or the Rainwater Rewards program please contact the Stormwater Specialist at 250.361.0443 or

Emergency Contact Information

Flooding and Blocked Storm Drain Grates: Please call the 24-hour line at 250.361.0400 for assistance.

For non-emergencies please use the service request form.

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