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Public Hearings for the meeting of April 27, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. :


Rezoning Application No. 00458 for 149 Montreal Street

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Vicoria Housing Strategy Implementation: Secondary Suites Part 1 - Regulatory Changes

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This amendment bylaw will affect properties throughout the city that are in zones that allow single-family dwellings, with the exception of properties within "Small Lot Zones". "Small Lot Zones" are defined as zones with the phrase "small lot" in their zone name or title. Therefore, the properties affected will be those in the R1-A, R1-B or R1-G zones, or any other zone that refers to the R1-A, R1-B or R1-G zone with respect to permitted uses. To check whether a particular property will be affected, please contact the Zoning Department at 250-361-0316 or Zoning can also be found by looking up the property address on VicMap. To access VicMap, click the "VicMap" button on the homepage of the City of Victoria’s website:


Development Permit with Variance Application No. 00027 for 1070 Joan Crescent

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Development Variance Permit Application No. 00183 for 2625 Shakespeare Street

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