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  • The 101 of Growing Food in the City

    Growing your own food – it’s provides a sense of accomplishment, connection to nature and feeling of self-sufficiency. If you are like many people living in a city, you might think that growing food is the sole responsibility – and privilege – of farmers, or country dwellers. The truth is, anyone can grow a food...

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  • A Little Preparedness Goes a Long Way

    Written by Rob Johns, Emergency Coordinator, Victoria Emergency Management Agency   Over a week ago, we awoke to the news that a destructive, magnitude 7.8 earthquake had occurred in Nepal. Since then, we’ve seen images of damaged buildings, rescue workers, and people negatively impacted by the effects of this natural disaster and its aftershocks Here at...

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  • One Mom’s Quest to be Emergency Prepared

    With this week being National Emergency Preparedness Week, I ask myself – is my family prepared for a damaging earthquake? Not as much as I’d like us to be, and I write about emergency preparedness as part of my job. As a busy working mom of two active kids, with an equally busy husband, I...

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