Business Tools on VicMap

VicMap, the City of Victoria's interactive and multi-layered map, has tools that allow you to search for information related to businesses in Victoria.

Search for any business that has a Business Licence name, category, keyword, address or location. Prospective business owners can use the map to determine where to set up shop based on geographic need, or based on what complementary or competing businesses are in the area. Current business owners can use it to see what services their neighbours provide. Individuals can use the tool to search by category - for example, to search for any restaurant or food service business in a specific neighbourhood, or locate all the medical clinics within the city.

To use the Business Licence search tools, simply launch the map and click on I Want To - Find a Business.

In addition to this search function, VicMap has a number of tools that are useful for business.

  • Realtors can use the map to provide clients with detailed property reports, including previous years' property taxes, on the spot using a mobile device
  • Developers and builders can search for data on specific properties, including zoning, current development applications and Official Community Plan data, neighbouring properties that have pending applications including rezoning and development applications
  • Business owners can identify sign permit zones, heritage designated buildings, and other data relevant to a current or potential business location