Starting a Business

Getting your new or developing business off the ground in Victoria? Here's how to get started.

Register Your Business Name

  • In order to start a business in the Province of BC, your business will need to be registered through BC Registry Services

Select a Location

  • Selecting a location is an important step in order to determine if the location is appropriate for the business. Selecting a location can be done independently or through a qualified real estate agent.

Identify Zoning and Permitted Uses

  • The location of a business must comply with local zoning and bylaw regulations as well as the BC Building Code. Before confirming a lease or purchase agreement, it is important to ensure the location of the business is suitable. Once a location has been selected, VicMap or one of our City representatives can assist with identifying these regulations.


    • Search the location in VicMap using the search tool
    • View the zoning associated with the subject property
    • Ensure the use of the proposed business complies with the permitted uses in the zone
    • Identify any parking requirements for the property
    • Ensure the major occupancy of the business conforms to the building code regulations

Apply for Permits

Apply for a Business Licence

  • All businesses in the City of Victoria are required to obtain a business licence. Applications can be submitted online or in person at City Hall.