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 Build Back Victoria

The Build Back Victoria (BBV) program includes several initiatives to support local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes providing access to public spaces for commercial use. Spaces on streets, pathways, sidewalks, parks and plazas are temporarily available for businesses use with an approved permit.

The BBV program is continuing through the spring of 2023 for businesses with well-maintained spaces and actively-used patios (including those in parks), as well as mobile vendors and businesses operating flex spaces. New applications for mobile vendors, flex spaces and patios that do not serve alcohol are welcome until February 28, 2023. If you are interested in this program, review the requirements and information here [PDF - 444 KB] to find a solution that is right for your business, fill out the application form here [PDF - 590 KB], and submit your completed application with all required documentation by email to

For mobile vendors who have already been operating and approved through the mobile vending program, permits will continue to be issued on a two week rotation. Please contact Bobby at to request a permit at one of the approved vending locations. For new and existing mobile vending permits, please ensure that all relevant documentation is up to date, including insurance, Health Inspection, Business Licence and Food Cart Inspection. For a list of available mobile vending spots, click here [PDF - 2 MB]

Program Requirements

  • Proof of Insurance must be provided in the minimum amount of $5 million with the City added as an additional insured
  • All applications must include an associated site plan drawing of the outdoor space
  • Portable propane heaters are permitted, to be installed and used as per the manufacturer’s requirements. Proper outdoor propane tank storage and fire safety plans are required.  
  • Roof coverings are permitted in the form of umbrellas, tents, and retractable awnings that are attached to a temporary patio structure
  • An accessible patio design is required including curb ramps, cane-detectable boundaries and accessible seating.
  • Solar or battery powered lights on tables or railings are permitted
  • Plumbed gas, water, or hardwired electrical connections are not permitted. 
  • Structures are to remain temporary, non-permanent, and not to be anchored into the roadway or sidewalk

Ending Your Permit

If you no longer require your BBV Permit, please contact Bronwyn Crowder at and prepare for the return of any city-owned materials. If you are ending your permit and you have a deposit with the Parks Department, staff will make arrangements for site inspection and follow up.

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