Chinatown Heavenly Lights Project

Victoria is home to Canada's oldest Chinatown. In an effort to further strengthen the presence of Chinatown as a downtown focal point for residents and visitors, the community came together in 2010 to light up Chinatown year-round with the Heavenly Lights Project.

The Heavenly Lights Project involved the installation of colourful overhead decorations including two festive dragons, lanterns, and strings of festive red and yellow lights. The Heavenly Lights Project is a partnership between the City of Victoria, the Downtown Victoria Business Association, and the Chinatown community.

Other enhancements to Chinatown in recent years have included the installation of 28 new pagoda pedestrian lamps in partnership with the Downtown Victoria Business Association, historic murals, decorative bike racks, the tiling of a water feature, and the refurbishment of phone booths and garbage cans with the words "Canada's Oldest Chinatown." In addition, a self-guided Chinatown walking tour map was developed, and the City of Victoria helps support the annual celebration of Chinese New Year.