City Banners

Summer Banners

The summer banner program sees up to 400 banners installed in the downtown core and in James Bay. This program has been running since 1970 to help enhance the City’s streetscapes and contribute to the downtown core’s vibrancy. The designs are selected bi-annually through a juried competition in accordance with the City of Victoria Art in Public Places Program. The chosen artist supplies four original designs.

Call to Artists and Selection Criteria

The City of Victoria has an open Call to Artists for the summer banner designs for the 2023/24 summer seasons. The Call is open to visual artists and graphic designers who were residents of the Capital Regional District. Please visit the Public Art Opportunities page for more information. 

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2021/2022 Summer Banners 

 Local Coast Salish artist Dylan Thomas in collaboration with Margaret August & lessLIE designed the downtown summer banners for 2021/2022. 

"Through this collaboration, I hope to extend my good fortune to two of my fellow Salish artists lessLIE (Cowichan Nation) and Margaret August (Shihshalh), while simultaneously honoring the student-teacher relationship that has helped sustain Salish art for thousands of years," said Thomas. 

"Through this banner project I chose to honour the lineage of contemporary Salish artist by working with lessLIE - an artist who deeply influenced my work and generously offered his help when my own practice was emerging; and Margaret Briere (August) - my first student who has been working with me over the past few years."

"I created a central image (the Salish moon) and then shared this design with Margaret and lessLIE for each of them to expand and create their own designs. I chose to use lunar imagery because the moon represents a cycle in Salish iconography – and I wanted to allude to the teacher-student cycles that allowed the art form to thrive and evolve over vast time."

Salmon Banner - Dylan Thomas & lessLIE
This contemporary Coast Salish design depicts the various stages of development of salmon during their life cycle. The bottom salmon is abstractly suggested by outlines—an allusion to 2010 Vancouver Olympics imagery. The stages of the salmon are in sync with lunar cycles.

Vision Banner - Dylan Thomas & lessLIE
This contemporary Coast Salish design depicts an eye, a symbol of a lunar vision. The subtlety in the center represents the perception of this vision. The trigons graphically represent the depth and dimension of carved space.

Bracelet - Dylan Thomas & Margaret August
This contemporary bracelet design completed by Margaret August is inspired by Salish artifacts in which beautiful bracelets were made with goat horn and contained intricate designs utilizing the traditional Salish elements.

Spindle Whorl - Dylan Thomas & Margaret August
This design completed by Margaret August has a spindle whorl inspired design, with the aesthetics of a contemporary version of such, meaning, traditional Salish spindle whorls were in actuality depicted in a circular circumference.



Margaret August

Winter Banners

In the City of Victoria, winter banners are displayed on 100 downtown lamp posts to celebrate winter on the westcoast.

2019 - 2024 Winter Banner

Local artist Mateusz Napieralski was chosen to design the winter banner that will be displayed from November to February over the next five years. Mateusz is a Polish illustrator, art director and animator currently based on Vancouver Island.

Mateusz studied motion graphics at Ravensbourne University, and went on to work for a number of design and animation studios in London. In 2015, he established the multidisciplinary practice, Gust of Wind Studio, and started working for a range of clients from around the globe.
Mateusz loves working with bold shapes, colour and playful compositions across a variety of platforms including online, digital products, editorials, packaging design and murals. Collaborating with clients whose values align with his is very important for him, and believes that those relationships form a solid foundation for projects that are inspiring, engaging and meaningful.

Gust of Wind
This banner depicts Mateusz's winter memories of being warm and cosy, wrapped up in a blanket, admiring the beauty of the natural world through the window.

"For this concept I thought it would be interesting to shift my attention to wildlife and the natural world. I wanted to depict the idea of animals being warm and cosy in their nests and dens. I want the banners to evoke a feeling of calm, peace and safety which is what we all want during the winter season.” - Mateusz Napieralski

Call to Artists and Selection Criteria

In summer 2019, artists and designers in the Capital Region, including the Gulf Islands, were invited to submit proposals to design a winter banner to be displayed on 100 downtown lampposts for the next five years. Integrated into the City's seasonal program, the theme of the banners is "Natural Winter in the Pacific Northwest." 

Submissions were juried by a selection committee comprised of artists, design professionals, community members, and a representative of the City’s Art in Public Places Committee. Candidates were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Compliance with the competition requirements, objectives and theme.
  • Professionalism in presentation of materials.
  • Confidence that creativity, quality and style demonstrated in portfolio materials and preliminary design concepts will translate into the development of high-quality final banner designs.

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