Poster Cylinders

There are many poster cylinders located on downtown lamp standards to provide event organizers an opportunity to display their event posters.

The successful use of the cylinders requires cooperation on the part of all users. Please adhere to the following guidelines when using the poster cylinders.

  • Posters are only permitted on designated public poster cylinders or private property where permission has been granted.
  • Posters should be 11"x17" and conform to the layout pattern on the cylinder.
  • Access to the cylinders is restricted to one poster per event at any one time.
  • There is a limit of four event posters per venue on each cylinder at any one time.
  • Please use an adhesive made from flour and water (wheat paste) [PDF - 244 KB] to attach posters to the paper base layer of the cylinders. Using wheat paste rather than tape allows posters to be recycled when they are removed.
  • The duration of a posting is a maximum of five days.
  • Posters violating these criteria may be removed.
  • No one party has a greater right to access the cylinders than another.

Map of Poster Cylinder Locations [PDF - 255 KB]