Business Requirements - Other

For other business requirements in Victoria, see below. For more information, contact 250.361.0572 or Email us

Permit Requirements

Interior or exterior construction, or changing the type of a business may require a building, electrical or plumbing permit. Additionally, a Sign Permit is required to authorize installation of all signs. Some signs within a Deveopment Permit area may also require the approval of the Advisory Design Panel or City Council. For information regarding these permits, please visit the Permits and Inspection division or call 250.361.0344.

Liquor Licensing

Businesses that serve alcoholic beverages must obtain and hold a valid liquor licence issued by the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch. The are two main types of liquor licences:

  • Liquor-primary licence is for a business whose focus is primarily the service of alcoholic beverages (e.g., a cabaret).
  • Food-primary licence is for a business whose focus is primarily the service of food (e.g., a restaurant).

The City of Victoria is involved in the review of all new applications for, and amendments to liquor-primary licences. The City is only involved in the review of food-primary licences when the business owner is requesting hours of liquor service past midnight and/or an entertainment endorsement. The City of Victoria is not involved in the review of temporary changes to either liquor-primary or food-primary liquor licences. In all cases the application process starts at the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch. For more information, see the City Liquor Licensing Policy and Process.

Using Vehicles For Business

If you use your vehicle for the collection and/or for delivery of merchandise or other commodity, a commercial vehicle decal is required for your vehicle. This decal can be purchased at the Public Service Centre at Victoria City Hall. Learn more about the program and related fees.

Sewage Discharge

If your business will be discharging sewage into the sewer system, you are required to fill out the CRD Waste Discharge Assessment Form. For more information, contact the CRD Engineering Department at 250.360.3248.

Home Based Business

A home based business refers to the making, servicing or repairing of goods, or the provision of services for hire from a residence. To qualify for a Home Based Business licence, the applicant must reside at the location they are applying for, be the only person engaged in the business and comply with the Home Occupation Bylaw No.84-44 Schedule D. For more detailed information on home based business, contact the City of Victoria at 250.361.0572.

Inter-Municipal Business

Since January 1, 2000, the City of Victoria and twelve neighbouring municipalities have honoured inter-municipal business licences. These new licences allow businesses in a variety of mobile trades (e.g., caterers, contractors, towing services) to purchase a business licence that is honoured throughout Greater Victoria. Applicants must purchase this new licence from the municipality in which their business is located.

  • The Corporation of the District of Central Saanich
  • Corporation of the Township of Esquimalt
  • City of Langford
  • The Corporation of the District of Oak Bay
  • The Corporation of the District of Saanich
  • Town of Sidney
  • Town of View Royal
  • The Corporation of the District of North Saanich
  • District of Metchosin
  • City of Colwood
  • District of Sooke
  • District of Highlands