Tree Removal Permits

Victoria has one of the rarest and most threatened urban forests in the Pacific Northwest. Thousands of trees make up our "urban forest" and provide abundant environmental, health, esthetic and property-value benefits to our community. Regardless of whether trees grow on private or public land, the removal or damage to trees is monitored by the City of Victoria.

Each year, many trees on private property are destroyed or damaged due to construction, disease and irresponsible acts. The City of Victoria has implemented a new Tree Preservation Bylaw in an effort to protect trees, particularly those that are native or have a significant heritage or landmark value.

The original Tree Protection Bylaw was established in 1999. In 2005, after an extensive review process which included community consultation, the Bylaw was strengthened to better protect trees by preventing unnecessary harm or removal. This has resulted in an improved process that regulates which, when and how trees on private property can be removed or altered through such acts as pruning, root cutting or topping.

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You can contact the City of Victoria Parks Division at 250.361.0600 or by Email.