Vehicles For Hire



On August 25, 2016, Council adopted amendments to the Vehicles For Hire Bylaw that implemented the following changes to the pedicab regulations:

  • Increasing the total number of pedicab licences to 46 (from 28)
  • Limiting the number of pedicabs that a person or business can operate to 28
  • Requiring pedicab operators to have acceptable safety procedures in place
  • Requiring operators to have the company name clearly displayed on the pedicab
  • Limiting new pedicab licence holders to 15 licences

For a copy of the bylaw amendments, please click here.

The City hosted a lottery to issue the additional 18 licences. Successful applicants will be required to submit their business licence application in the coming days. For details on the requirements for pedicab operators, please see the Vehicles for Hire Bylaw and the new amendments (above). Please note that under section 5 of the Vehicles for Hire Bylaw, pedicab licences can't be transferred. This also prohibits the sale of licences.