Municipal By-Election 2020

Victoria's 2020 By-Election was held on December 12, 2020.  

Declaration of Official Results

Here is the Declaration of Official Results for Victoria's 2020 By-Election.

Preliminary Results for Victoria's 2020 By-Election

The preliminary results for the 2020 Municipal By-Election from all polls have been tabulated, including six voting places, advance voting opportunities and mail ballots:

For Councillor:  Stephen ANDREW - elected

Total voter turnout in the City of Victoria was 12,327, 17.5% of registered voters.

Unofficial Final 2020 By-Election Summary Report
Unofficial Statement of Votes Cast
Preliminary Election Results

Candidate Profile Guide 

Learn more about the candidates who ran for one position of City Councillor in the 2020 By-Election Candidate Profile GuideEach candidate was provided the opportunity to submit a short bio and photo. The profiles were not edited in any way. (Accessible version.)

What You Needed to Know to Vote 

On Saturday, December 12, City of Victoria voters had the opportunity to vote at ANY one of six locations from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on General Voting Day to elect one Councillor in Victoria’s 2020 By-Election:

  • James Bay Community School, 140 Oswego Street
  • Oaklands Elementary School, 2827 Belmont Avenue
  • Sir James Douglas Elementary School, 401 Moss Street
  • Da Vinci Centre, 195 Bay Street
  • Crystal Garden, 713 Douglas Street
  • Victoria High School at SJ Willis Education Centre, 923 Topaz Avenue

Each voting place was equipped with two voting machines for increased efficiency. An accessible voting machine was available at the Crystal Garden.

Check out this helpful fact sheet on what you needed to know to vote, including where to vote and what ID to bring. View the accessible version [PDF - 581 KB].

There were many ways to vote. You could vote in person on General Voting Day on Saturday, December 12 at any of the six voting places. Eight advance voting opportunities were held at the Crystal Garden from December 1 to 8. 

Curbside voting was offered at all voting places for those with accessibility challenges. 

And you could vote by mail

Learn more about Victoria's 2020 By-Election with our Frequently Asked Questions.  


Safety Measures 

The City of Victoria was committed to delivering a safe and physically distanced by-election during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following public health, Elections BC and WorkSafeBC directives, the City’s COVID-19 safety plan for each voting place ensured the by-election was safe for voters, candidates and election staff.

All voting places had protective measures in place, including physical distancing, capacity limits, and plexiglass protective barriers. Hand sanitizing stations were provided and voters were asked to sanitize their hands before and after voting. Election officials wore masks or face-visors and there was frequent cleaning of voting stations and high-touch surfaces. Pens were provided for voting and were sanitized between use.

Electors were required to wear masks when voting. Those who were ill or self-isolating were asked not to visit a voting place and to request a mail ballot package for pick up and return by someone on their behalf before
8 p.m. on General Voting Day.

Safety Plans

Candidate Nomination Forms

A redacted copy of the nomination forms for the December 12, 2020 By-election are posted below for convenience purposes. Please note that the civic address and signatures have been redacted from the nomination forms to protect personal privacy. A complete copy of the nomination forms are available for public inspection at the City of Victoria's Legislative Services office. Please call 250.361.0571 or email to make an appointment to inspect the documents. 

ANDREW, Stephen
HARDMAN, Stefanie
HEIT, Jason
MCLEOD, Hailey
SCHMID, Alexander

Elector Organization Documents Received

Elector organization documents that the City receives are posted below. 

Together Victoria 

Declaration of Election by Voting

View the Declaration of Election by Voting for Victoria's 2020 By-Election. 

Declaration of Candidates

View the Declaration of Candidates for the City of Victoria's 2020 By-Election. 

Candidate Nomination Packages

  • On October 13, Candidate Nomination Forms were made available by contacting the Legislative Office at Victoria City Hall at 250.361.0571 or at
  • The City of Victoria accepted Candidate Nomination Forms from 9 a.m. on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 until 4 p.m. on Friday, November 6, 2020. Completed Nomination Forms could be filed during the nomination period by making an in-person appointment with Legislative Services or filed by email. Only eligible candidates who filed their papers by the close of nomination will be included on the ballot.

  • In accordance with section 89(9) of the Local Government Act, a person who inspects or otherwise accesses nomination documents must not use the information included in them except for the purposes of this Act or purposes authorized under section 63 [restrictions on use of personal information] of the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.

  • Due to COVID-19, City Hall offices remain closed to the public. 

Municipal Election Notices

Campaign Financing, Advertising and Disclosure

Advertising rules for Victoria's 2020 By-Election come into effect on Saturday, November 14, 2020, with the start of the campaign period. Learn more.

Elections BC administers campaign financing, advertising and disclosure rules for local elections under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act. For more information on the rules for media, candidates and third party advertising sponsors, visit:


  • The vote for one Councillor was originally scheduled for April 4, 2020. The position became vacant when Laurel Collins resigned from Victoria City Council in November 2019 following her election to the House of Commons as Member of Parliament for Victoria. 
  • On March 18, 2020, to protect residents from the current threat of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, cancelled Victoria's April 4 by-election. Read the Order. This action, requested by the Chief Medical Health Officer for Island Health and the City of Victoria, helped ensure residents were not required to gather in polling stations and freed up City resources to focus on managing impacts of COVID-19.
  • On July 29, 2020, the BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing released guidelines to help local governments plan how to safely hold by-elections that were deferred due to the pandemic. Learn more.
  • City staff presented a report to Committee of the Whole on September 17 and on October 1 on how to safely proceed with Victoria's by-election during a pandemic. Council decided that the municipal by-election will take place on Saturday, December 12, 2020