Animal Control & Licences

City parks and public spaces are regularly patrolled by Victoria Animal Control Services to ensure all dogs, and dog owners, are acting responsibly so everyone can enjoy public spaces. Victoria Animal Control Services has been contracted to enforce the City's 11-044 Animal Responsibility Bylaw, Bylaw No.11-044.

To report an animal control issue, call Victoria Animal Control Services at 250.414.0233 email or check the Animal Concerns & Complaints Call List 

Dog Licences

All dogs over the age of four months are required to be licensed in the City of Victoria.

Why license your dog?

  • A dog licence is identification.
  • Dog licences are the fastest way to reunite you with your lost dog. Hundreds of dogs are quickly reunited with their owners in the City of Victoria each year because they were found wearing a current licence.
  • Licensing is a mandatory requirement for all dogs over the age of four months. Current year dog tags must be displayed when in a public place, or on private property other than the owner's.
  • Dog licence fees help to offset the costs of operating an animal control and pound service, which shelters, feeds and provides care for lost and injured animals. Dog licence fees also offset the costs of providing dog waste bags in City of Victoria parks.
  • Owners of licensed dogs avoid paying an additional penalty if your dog is impounded.
  • Owners of unlicensed dogs can be fined up to $125 per day for non-compliance.

How to license your dog

You can renew your licence online or at various locations around the city. If you are licensing your dog for the first time, please visit one of these locations in person to purchase a licence. 

If your dog is neutered or spayed, please bring in documentation of this to receive your reduced rate.

  • A Pet's Life, 2019 Cadboro Bay Rd.
  • Bosley's Pet Foods, 491 Burnside Rd. E.
  • Castle Building Centre, 220 Bay St.
  • Castle Building Centre, 1720 Cook St.
  • Creatures Great and Small, 770 Bay St.
  • Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre, 2275 Quadra
  • Hillside Veterinary Hospital, 1700 Kings Rd.
  • James Bay Community Centre, 140 Oswego
  • Oak Bay Pet Clinic, 1826 Oak Bay Ave
  • Paws on Cook, 359 Cook St.
  • Ross Bay Home Hardware, 1584 Fairfield Rd.
  • Victoria Animal Control Services, 564 David St.
  • Victoria City Hall, 1 Centennial Square

Licence fees

January and February  March to December 
Neutered or Spayed Dog – $30     Neutered or Spayed Dog – $50
Unaltered Dog –  $40 Unaltered Dog –  $60